Dear Riot

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Dear Riot,

I don't ever post on forums, but I am writing this as a angry and confused man. I cannot comprehend the madness of this anymore. I suppose my real question is, why do you pair me and my friends with the absolute worst players of the online gaming community? Is this some sort of sick joke that you get your rocks off from? Does it make you laugh so hard you get a warm and fuzzy feeling in the bottom of your stomach and down your pant leg? Does it help you sleep at night perhaps? I mean, you already make a killing off us for skins and new bi-weekly champs, but this is the straw that broke my camel's back. I cannot stand it. I cannot even comprehend it. How can these people be so horrible at a game that consists of point and click and uses 6 action buttons, 2 of which aren't even primary. Then, to add to that question, how is it that I get put in matches with these inept people EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. I've had it! I can't play this **** anymore!

How are these people even level 30? What did they do? Mash their face into the keyboard as free champs until they reached level 30 and could ruin good players' games? Seems to be the case, because how they lose a solo top lane to a TF as Irelia is beyond me. Or how they don't come out of jungle until 15 minutes in but they're only level 6. Or how they lose mid lane to a doppelganger and blame the jungler for not ganking when he's had to babysit bottom lane because they're feeding. Or how they willingly throw themselves into un-winnable fights and give up 10 deaths by 20 minutes in. Come on now! It's ridiculous! Bah, you know what Riot? I've completely stopped caring. I don't even want to care. Thank the Gods that Diablo 3 is coming out next week and I don't have to touch this stupid game ever again. Yeah, I said it. I hate your game. I have hated it for over a year, but since it's free and all my broke ass friends play it, I have had to endure watching them get slaughtered because of one or two completely garbage players who think staying in lane after tower and 200 CS is going to make their 0/8/0 score go away.

In closing, get bent Riot. I'm done with you and allowing absolute trash players to ruin good people's games. And then when people get angry, you ban them for verbal harassment. Catering to stupidity is what it is. Look, if people can't take a little trash talking, insults, or being made fun of, then you might as well get off the internet forever, because that's what it's full of. And if someone sucks, I'm going to tell them they suck and hope they make a change in their play style to not suck. But 9 out of 10 times I'm sure they're going to cry to you guys about verbal abuse and say I was being a big meanie head for saying they suck at a video game. Get over it, because I sure am and it's not going to keep me awake at night.



<commence comments I will never read and don't care about below - if you so choose>

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See you in a week

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I agree with op. Matchmaking is terrible. I get stuck with bads so often it's obscene. I can't handle it and am just spamming ranked's till D3 comes out.

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I also agree with OP, the matchmaking system sucks some hardcore d.

The elo system was originally created for chess, which is a game that only takes into account your skill vs your opponents skill, therefore making you gain/lose elo solely based on that, while at LoL your retarded matchmaking makes a stupid average between the players elos giving space to a wide range of player's skills, and you gain/lose elo based on whether your teammates did well too, apart from your own skill level.

Please dont understand me wrong, I'm in no way nerd raging or ranting, I'm simply pointing out that your system fails to consider crucial things, such as loss/win streak, individual score, map awareness, objective fighting, last hitting, reflexes and all that jazz that makes one a good player.

I also don't believe that you guys have enough technology to do something that considers all that, or that there even is enough behavioral analysis technology to create this, so I close up saying that this game is doomed, good players are bound to be matched with trash and theres nothing we can do about it, simply suck it up and try to be so good that we can make up for other peoples sucking.