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Jungle opinions?

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Ive been jungling lately and Im trying to find out who the best Jungler is out of my champions.
If I could get opinions that would be great.
1. Lee Sin
2. Udyr
3. Master Yi
4. Warwick
5. Jax
6. Maokai
7. Shaco
8. Tryndamere

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Nik The Summoner

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Elementz Tier list

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Lee Sin is just so scary in the Jungle. He's probably my vote for 1. But he can be countered.

Udyr is such a good jungler and is nearly impossible to counter jungle. I'd say he's number 3 for me.

Master Yi... he's meh. Well rounded.

Warwick is scary after level 6, but early game you don't have to worry.

Jax I've never seen Jungle well, but Jax is just a scary specimen and if it was done right I'd definitely be afraid.

Maokai.... He's a tree.

Shaco is the hardest person to counter jungle, has GREAT ganks, and has the ability to go off on his own without getting eaten alive. He's probably my number 2.

Tryn in the jungle just doesn't scare me. You cannot deny him his farm, but he is slow and his ganks just seem to lack just a little.

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When this hecarim champion came out I bought him and tried him out and didn't like him all that much even tho the champion spotlight for him pretty much gives you all the info you need for jungling with him.

For some reason when he became free this week I decided I'd start playing him some more. He's actually very good.

He's pretty durable champion and when people have come to counter gank me I have no trouble standing toe to toe with them long enough for one of my more attentive team mates to come and help me finish him off or to just destroy him myself. Even if things get ugly and they take the advantage hecarim has a superior speed and can easily escape any counter jungle attempt.

A couple examples of people I've had come in and try and gank me.

Warwick... kinda beastly auto attack and the ones I've seen come at me have a vampiric scepter on them plus with his heal ability hes kinda hard to shut down. Still even with that hecarim does good base dmg and can stand toe to toe with him and if it gets ugly you can run away easily with his E ability.

Udyr... I've seen alot of these guys this week due to him being free and I myself have never played him but there is one thing I think we all know about him.. he's got a stun and some beastly speed. Regardless of that hecarim can eat that stun and just start wailing on him forcing him to retreat and again even if things get ugly hecarim's E ability grants him more speed than the boost udyr gets from his ability.

There's some more champs but I think you get the point.

As for ganks Heca is a BEAST. I myself run with ghost for my second summoner spell (which also helps if you need to run when you get counter jungled hard) and it just makes him phenomenal. 6/10 your gonna land a kill with this guy lvl 3+ and 10/10 if you don't land the kill your gonna force either their flash or their heal spell. Really when an opponent flashes away when your coming in for a gank it totally screws the gank b/c you'll ram them the other way but hey at least you got the flash out of the way.

If you have yet to try that champ I'd recommend you give him a shot and before you do so to watch the champion spotlight for him b/c it gives some REALLY GOOD advice on what you should be doing while jungling in regards to his Q ability.

As for your list.... most of them are great junglers with the exception of Master Yi and warwick pre lvl 6. Lee Sin is a beast unless you suck at landing skill shots. Tryn is alright unless you fail to use your slow while they are fleeing but lvl 6 plus he can HAM on someone under the turret with his ulti and thats pretty cool. Shaco is really good if you know how to use your boxes.