Winner Of NA Final

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Congratulations to CLG for winning the NA finals in LA.

1st game was pritty intense with HawkshotGG/Epik winning a insanely close game. That brought the scores to 1-1 as CLG were 1 game up from winning Upper Bracket.

2nd game was won by CLG after an hour long match with both teams pushed into each other's base. That win means CLG won 2-1 overall and walked away with $2000 cash and Samsung goodies.

HawkshotGG/Epik did not go home empty handed though as they were awarded $1000 and Samsung goodies also.

The 2 games were probably the best LoL games i've witnessed and i'd like to thank both team's for such awsome game watched by over 160000 viewer's on djWHEAT's Ustream page and the WCG "Live" section of the site.