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Help with my hybrid boss nidalee

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Hi! I am a boss nidalee! I win 75% of the games I play, and every other time, its just lag, leavers, or noobz.

This is my core item build, in order of purchase:
Blue Sapphire+2 health pots
Boots of Speed (I upgrade them whenever depending on other team)
Guinsoos Rageblade
Nashors Tooth

Then I usually get some defense items.
Spirit Visage synergizes well with all her abilities, and is great against casters.
Frozen Heart is good for a mostly melee dps team.
Guardian Angel for a mixed team.

My items always change depending on how the game goes. If I havent won by the time I have nashors tooth and some defense, I usually get Lich Bane or Trinity Force and maybe more defense items. My dps is already good enough with my mix of ranged and melee AP burst.

My runes are:
Armor Pen red
Dodge Yellow
Mp5/lvl blues
Armor Pen Quints

I find that with the armor pen runes and combined attack speed of guinsoos, nashors, and primal surge, it gives her an extra bite when shes in human form casting spells or staying at range. I only jump in for the kill when rageblade is at fulls tacks, and theyre near halfway health. The burst will scare them enough to get them running, in which I switch to human form and chuck a few spears at them for the kill.

My masteries are 0/9/21. Pretty standard for nidalee. I have the teleport mastery because I usually use teleport for backdooring or quickly clearing a wave. I also have flash to get out of a sticky situation and pounce away.

This is what I usually do to own face. Any tips and help are appreciated though because Im currently stuck in low ELO due to lag, leavers, and noobz, and also sucking with other champs that arent nidalee. Right now Im at 950 and slowly rising with the exception of games with lag, leavers, and noobz.

Please help my boss nidalee build.