Fazzachi - The Dark Tide

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Lore: Fazzachi, Older brother of Fizz, loved both adventure and power. Like fizz, he would run off for days at a time. He enjoyed exploring the land and getting in fights with their people. One day, Fazzachi discovered a strange portal to the void. His curiosity got the best of him and he went in. Nobody knows what happened on the other side, but when he returned, there was a darkness inside him. He returned to his village and killed all of his people. All except Fizz, who couldn't be found. Fazzachi yearned to kill his brother. So he joined the league of legends to finally get his chance.


Passive: Void Rage - Fazzachi gains 1% of his total ability power and 1% increased mana regeneration per percent of life missing

Q: Rift Dive - 100 mana, Fazzachi dives into a void rift becoming un-targetable for 0.5 seconds before jumping out and slashing into the air at an enemy units location(within a range of 550) dealing 100<125<165<200<240 damage (+ 1 AP scaling)

W: Portal Strike - Passive: Fazzachi's basic attacks deal an additional 15<25<45<65<80 damage.
Active: Fazzachi's basic attacks deal an additional 25<45<70<95<120 to target and nearby allies of target. (0.35 AP scaling)

E: Void Push - Fazzachi channels his void energy and forces it onto a target enemy, pushing them back 250 and dealing 50<65<80<110<150 damage over 6 seconds. (+ 0.5 AP scaling)

R: Spectral Clones - Fazzachi summons Spectral clones at the location of any and all nearby champions within a large radius around him revealing them and immediately attacking them (clones last 5 seconds and deal half damage, but do apply any on hit affects that Fazzachi may have.) Within 5 seconds Fazzachi can reactivate this ability, target a clone, and after 3 seconds transfer to the clones location.