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Feature requests of Dev's, live nude yordles.

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A couple of things that I think would be really cool to add to the game.

1. More mastery pages. I find the limit of 10 to be very restrictive, and sure you can change your masteries before the game starts, but I find this to be a burden in 2 ways, one because I can't always remember what my mastery build is for a particular champion, and two because if I change a mastery page that I use for a particular champ I don't always remember to switch it back when I go back to playing the champion the page was intended for.

My ideal solution to this is to have a mastery page tied to every champion. This way you'll never be lacking for space and you won't have to wrack your brain for that ideal mastery setup for Gragas because you havent played him in 3 months.

2. ability to customize your own recommended items for a champion. If you want to get an item that isn't already part of the recommended build for a champ, sometimes it can take a few seconds to get to it through the store menu. Obviously you learn shortcuts and whatnot to particular items however, there are times where it takes a few moments and every second in this game counts.

3. Ability to create your own categories to sort champions in champion select. In a game where there is literally a hundred champions and more coming all the time, sometimes champs get lost in the shuffle. When I'm trying to decide on a champ sometimes I get some paralysis by analysis going on because there are so many options, and I own less than half of the available champions! An example of how I could use champ lists is for example to sort my champions into categories, such as tank, AD carry, AP carry, Jungle, etc. That way when its my turn to select a champion I can narrow down the champs visible to me to just the role that I want to play. Allowing players to customize their own lists would of course let players choose the way they want to sort the champions.

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