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The Herald's Laboratory

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Ask the Herald



Dear Zed:
As night fell across Zaun, a slight stirring could be detected down by the harbor of the pollutant riddled city-state. A shadowy figure emerged from within the depths of an anchored vessel, quickly maneuvering down one of the mooring lines and swiftly vanishing from sight yet again. Nearly imperceptible pitter-patters echoed through the alleyways as the vague outline advanced, periodically dissolving into an inky ripple shifting amongst the shadows cast by the moonlit buildings. At last it arrived at the base of the compound known to be occupied by the Machine Herald, solidifying into a definite shape by the compound entrance.

The figure strode forward and removed their hood, revealing a still masked female (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2573) bearing the garb of the Order of Shadows, before coming to an abrupt pause; the security systems were unlike any that had ever been dreamed of. Hesitantly backing away a step, the figure froze once more when a voice spoke from the darkness.

"Having second thoughts, are we?" inquired the Master of Shadows, perched upon the archway of the Herald's compound.

"...of course not, Master." the apprentice ninja responded after collecting herself. "Merely considering what may yet be discovered on this mission."

"Indeed," Zed flatly responded, crimson eyes narrowing behind his mask. "Perhaps considering too hard. You have been detected without even being aware of this fact."

"...what?" the cloaked figure asked after considering the elaborate entryway.

"The Machine Herald will have known of your presence by now, and as a result of some of his most simplistic machinations, to boot. Your wits and cunning shall be tested all too firmly here, Rika. Do not suspect even for an instant that you are secure, for too much rests upon this assignment for laxity. Now prepare. Your temporary master shall be joining us shortly, if I am not mistaken."

"You are quite correct, Master of Shadows." Came the familiar voice of the man who had supplanted the majority of his former anatomy with hextech augmentations, the Machine Herald stood behind the now opening double doors to his laboratory, arms folded across his chest as he stared directly ahead at his much anticipated guest.

"Do not take my genius so lightly, young member of the Order of the Shadow, for I can assure you that my laboratory is outfitted with the most state-of-the-art hextech that Zaun has to offer - all of my very own design." Once the doors had opened the Herald stepped out, then turned and lifted his masked head to look to Zed who was perched upon the archway above. "I had no idea if you would accept my proposition or not, Zed, though any doubt that I might have had is now gone."

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Dear Zed



With a light step forward, Zed dropped to ground level beside his apprentice, both members of the Order regarding Viktor's arrival with ambivalence.

"It was only natural that the nature of your proposal arouse some degree of curiosity," Zed noted with a slightly amused tone. "Word of your craft may be regarded as ill news in much of Ionia, but the promises that your techmaturgical arts hold can hardly be refuted. As such, a mutual exchange of knowledge seems to be in order between our organizations. Where you have 'lent' to us your Chief Acolyte, so to do I bring one of my own chosen to engage in your techmaturgical findings."

"Master Viktor," the still cloaked figure at Zed's side began, inclining its head slightly. "I, Rika Tenebri, am prepared to enter into your service at Lord Zed's bidding, if you will have me."

The entire time she spoke, however, her gaze never left the techmaturgist's masked visage. An unspoken intent might have been visible to those who were looking closely, a deep-seated will. It was the look of one who wished to delve into that which was once thought unthinkable, and yet now existed before one's very eyes.

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Senior Member


Ezreal walks through the city of Zaun with confidence. Even the polluted streets were no where near as bad as some of the places he's been.

Ezreal arrives at the doorstep to Viktor's Lab, wearing the eyepiece from his signature Pulsefire suit. Anyone else would think he was simply walking up to a normal Zaunite building,but he could see Viktor's lab through the walls his suit has scanned.

He knocked on the door, unsure of whether or not it would be considered rude to simply walk in. For all he knew Viktor was working on his more important breakthrough ever.

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Ask the Herald



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