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Official Spectator Bug Thread

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Not sure if you already know this or not but there is a bug with the Lobby (not again D; this time the problem is spectating.

Simply, the main issue is you are "glued" to the game if it successfully starts. When trying to enter another game or join queue it gives an error saying that you are in game [x] until it ends.
This is probably confusing so I will explain what happened chronologically.

I love ARAMs and sometimes I choose to spectate when a game is owned by a player I recognized but the game is full.
e.g. Arams 30s! | Salce | 10/10 | 0/2| ->Spectate

Usually somebody will leave before the owner starts, allowing me to join the game normally.

However the other times, the owner will start the game with me still spectating. This is what happens.

1. Somebody leaves (not me) and then, when we are back in the lobby, I try to join a team, it gives me the Active Game not found bug which I explained in the beginning. Leaving the game lobby is futile as the client forces me back to the game just as a sling does. I can either wait until the game is done (spectate it, wait in or out of client) or get lucky that the game never starts and is deleted.

2. I leave and if someone dodges the game then the same conclusion as step 1 happens.
Or the game starts and I am free up until the game ends and a random post-game results screen appears out of no where.

I may have had a special unique case with this bug but there are other scenarios in which this could happen too.
This has happened to me maybe 10 times now and it has been here ever since spectating was introduced.

I'm sure this can be fixed relatively easily and you should try it yourself.

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In windowed or borderless windowed mode, the game doesn't lock my mouse into the spectator window. Scrolling the map with the mouse is much harder now because my mouse escapes the window when I move to the border. I don't get this problem when actually playing, only in spectator.

I'm using 1920x1200 resolution on two monitors generally running LoL in borderless window mode at 1920x1080 on the primary monitor. I've seen the problem with lower resolutions and in both borderless window and normal window mode. Changing resolutions in game doesn't reset it.

Edit: Hmm, seems this is fixed by not clicking out of the screen when it's loading. So maybe similar to that spectator in the corner bug.

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As I've yet to see any threads or information about it, I'll assume its not been mentioned yet. I have my minimap flipped in normal game, but in spectator mode it neither is, nor can it be flipped. This is not a big deal, but this affects where the chat window goes. While in game, I like the chat in the lower left near the minimap, but in spectator mode it puts it off screen to the left (or at least hidden behind bottom side champions hud). If I am able to move it while in spectator mode so that it's visible on screen, it pushes it very far off the right side when I go back to games myself.

A fix to this would be awesome, whether it be to allow flipping mini map in spectator, or chat separate locales (or where it is relative to client) in regular vs spectator mode.

EDIT: this isnt new with this patch, it's been around but I've just never posted about it before.

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When An Ability Is On Coldown The Screen Crashes A Second. I See This

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I get random freezes when I'm in spectator mode. Everything just stops like I disconnected from the game. My internet speed is fine, and I've tried repairing the game and updating everything.

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Libra Man

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This is an issue we are noticing when rewinding or fast forwarding in time. Still looking into it

Try clicking on the eyeball at the bottom, which will allow you to select which UI elements are displayed. There should be an option that is disabled on default for Chat. If you turn that on, you should see all chat for spectators. You won't see team chat, though.

This isn't what it is.
I play with my minimap flipped with the chatbox on the upper left of the screen and when I use spectator the chat is shot off the left hand side of the screen.
Flipping it to normal puts the chatbox where it is supposed to be.
Pls Riot fix this

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when you set a hotkey for "player attack move click",if you input the letter you set in the chat window,it will run a attack move.
options---key bindings----player attack move click

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Nami Ability Bug:
I found that there is a an error in Nami ability video that you can take a look at it from the player profile in the champion section:
1- the Q ability video is in the passive part
2- the W ability video is in the Q ability part
3- the E ability video is in the W ability part
4- the R ability is in the E ability part and the R ability part

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I was spectating a game and I could not see dragon:

In chronological order, xin zhao started dragon, the view was on someone else on the team. The camera then followed the team as they made their way towards dragon. Presumably, dragon was about half dead when the team got there.

Dragon was invisible to me.

The game did not last long enough to see if dragon was visible the next spawn time.

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Nana A Deviluke

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If I leave a spectator game my client gives me an error code and my 2nd monitor is forced from Portrait to Landscape.