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The Final Metamorphosis [Short Semi-Open RP]

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Ryu nods, now moving his tails around a bit through the magma, sending little sprays of it in random directions. Noticing his tails acting like that however he stops, instead using them to prevent him from falling over as he also leans backwards a bit and looks at a specific piece of stone on the wall of the volcano, being extremely careful about his leaf scarf not touching the magma.

R: "Good. It would have been frustrating if you refused to understand where I was coming from. And yes, Urin is quite fragile. Seeing how she and Leafy are sisters that isn't very surprising, although sometimes Leafy manages to contrast that by being very spirited about things. As for not hurting her, if you did I would have to rip you into little pieces, so that's also good."

Ryu lifts his head a bit to look at Krask, then after a while shakes his head. He holds up two claws of his right hand, tapping them with the index claw of his other hand.

R: "Actually, that went fairly well. You see, while I'm a dragon that's only half of me. The other half is shapeshifter, and a different race than you may know about. The shapeshifters I am talking about are spirits that have learned how to take a material form, but never bothered to stick with one. One example of a shapeshifter is my Mum, Kuroi, who you've already met, although you might have been distracted leering at Reshaya. Anyway, while that piece of crossbreeding has let to a lot of trouble for me, thanks to it I've also got a personality that is much better at working well together with gentle-minded creatures, with as current example female dryads. At least, as long as they don't get too annoying."

Ryu mutters under his breath about how annoying females can be, both in general and a couple of specific examples. Krask would be able to catch some complaints about a certain frost dragon being a real pain when she takes the time to annoy Ryu. Ryu then scrapes his throat and shakes his head before continuing, pretending to momentarily lapse didn't happen.

R: "So while my relationship with Leafy wasn't completely perfect, it wasn't that bad, which was really helped by Leafy's kind personality making up for my flaws. That, and when I got angry or depressed I would go somewhere else until I calmed down."

He watches Krask as he suppresses a cringe, not showing any satisfaction at the discomfort Krask is trying to hide after learning about Ryu's observation skills.

R: "You're welcome. And you'll know the answer to that question in a while. I would give you reasonable chances, seeing how while the collar makes somebody subservient the high speed at which it affected Urin means that she wasn't resisting it at full strength. Although if she does choose to be with you I would advise against bondage stuff in the future, if only to avoid getting her too embarrassed."

He falls silent as he looks at the wall of the volcano again, waiting for Krask to say something else. When Krask announces he's going to follow Ryu's advise he nods, not looking away from the piece of wall.

R: "Good. At least you're a smart guy. Although I don't see why you just rest here. The magma is good, since you're inside a volcano you're secluded, and you don't have to worry about people interrupting your rest. However I'm not going to give you a whole lecture about where to sleep."

He stands up on the magma, nodding at Krask. He then places the palms of his hands together and disappears, leaving behind a green glow that slowly fades away, and the smell of a young forest before the smell of ash and smoke masks it completely.

Isodzugia quickly shakes her head and hugs Krolta tightly, their chests pressing against each other as she places her head on Krolta's shoulder.

I: "What, I should let you ruin this beautiful body of yours? No way. If necessary I'll keep you fit by starving you and making sure you get enough of exercise. And I've already got an idea what kind of exercise that would be~"

Isodzugia shakes her head again, not caring much about philosophers. Her wings start to unfold before curling around Krolta and herself, helping keep the pleasant warmth and moisture around them.

I: "Not very important. Forget I mentioned them. They don't exist here, so until you start travelling from world to world it would only make you curious without reason."

She listens to Krolta musing about her link with her mother, not interrupting her as she contemplates whether removing it would be a good idea. At the end however Isodzugia nods and strokes Krolta's hair.

I: "Well, the decreased power level might need some getting used to, but if your strength depends on drawing it from somebody else it's not worth a lot anyway. Besides, Purrr is still one of the best teachers about fire you could ever hope for, so as long as you patiently follow his training you'll be back to your current power level in no time, and after that you'll be able to properly develop to your full strength. And if the link is to indicate whether you have a mate already, you should have cut it already. So it seems clear to me what the best choice is."

When Krolta returns her kiss while her grinding increases even further, Isodzugia's left hand moves upwards to gently stroke Krolta's antlers again while her other hand keeps Krolta pressed against her, her tail lovingly rubbing against Krolta's. After a while Isodzugia breaks the kiss to nibble on Krolta's ear while whispering softly into it.

I: "Right, no way I'm going to wait for Purrr to wake up before having some more fun with you. I hope you've regained most of your energy after last time, since you'll need it for the moaning."

Chuckling she rolls them over so Isodzugia is lying on top of Krolta. She kisses her again, her wings covering the both of them while the air around them becomes even hotter, and then the moisture in the air starts to turn into steam, hiding the both of them from sight as Isodzugia initiates their second round.

FilFire rumbles satisfied as Shinai uses the opportunity he has presented her by giving her easier access to the more sensitive areas of his large body. He himself continues licking and nibbling Shinai while his claw rubs her side and his tail entangles with hers. The shadow form FilFire created to talk to Reshaya and Kuroi also forms on top of Shinai's head to respond to her.

F: "Well, I'll be happy to give you whatever you want, and after that I'll make sure you're in the mood again. I mean, you started the conversation about what kind of stuff Reshaya has been doing in the biome, so I'm going to make sure you finish it. And I'm not planning to completely re-enact, but we could use the more fun stories as basis for some creative fun for us two. For example, I've already got an idea how to use the story about her encountering a group of rather uncultured creatures with her wanting to find out how they would react to a humanoid female."

The shadow form grins as it rubs its claws against each other, its tail swaying in anticipation. FilFire doesn't show any signs of controlling the shadow form, instead just continuing to showing his affection for Shinai.

F: "A demonstration? Perfect. I mean, after those forest dragons give in you'll probably have to give them all that back, but until then you might as well make use of it while you can."

Kuroi nods, the hand that is not scratching Reshaya behind the ears and stroking her hair moving downwards to stroke her thighs and back.

K: "Indeed. Ryu will also be able to do the father figure to some extend, but the little ones usually know who their parents are, so you taking care of them as well will definitely be good for them. Although since Girana is also their mother you might have to watch out for them becoming a bit too smothered in motherly love."

Kuroi's purring intensifies a bit when Reshaya starts licking his ears, causing them to twitch whenever her tongue reaches the edges. Kuroi pulls Reshaya onto his lap so he's in a better position to embrace her as he enjoys both the mental and physical hug he's part of right now.

((Yep, awesome mental hug is awesome.))

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Shinai would rumble as she started to glow a healthy green underneath her scales. Asides from the vegetation growing around them FilFire would feel empowered more than what he already was. Something about the energy he was feeling felt like he was being given a bit of control over Shinai as well. FilFire would be able to hear Shinai in his mind. "I am always in the mood if you are. Hrmmm? Well I will look forward to your idea."

Reshaya would hug onto Kuroi happily as she gets to enjoy both a physical and mental hug. She would wriggle her hip a bit and snuggle onto Kuroi. "So....shall we give the two some privacy so that I can I can let you enjoy something I wanted your opinion on?" Reshaya would look at the growing vegetation and chuckle.

(Damn my tiny post! After your reply time skipz shall happen again~~~~! or perhaps more on these two couples eh? >:P)

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((HAHA! Quake before my walls of text!))

FilFire raises an eyebrow slightly when he sees that the scales he's licking are being lit by a green glow originating from beneath them. However that doesn't halt his licking and nibbling, although the movements of his claw slow down a bit and spread out over a larger area. The shadow form looks around at all the increased growth of plants, then looks at its own claws while Shinai is energizing FilFire.

F: "Hmm, interesting. Is this just an energy boost, or does that feeling of dominance over you also actually mean something?"

The shadow form sits down on Shinai's head, grinning while it reaches backwards to scratch her behind one horn. FilFire himself seems to just let the shadow form do all the communicating for him, letting him focus completely on his own task. The shadow form continues scratching Shinai behind her horn, but at the same time points towards Kuroi and Reshaya.

F: "I'll be happy to show it to you, but seeing how hard you blushed about what Reshaya did you'd probably prefer it if they left beforehand. And I don't feel like making them leave, so we'll have to wait patiently for a bit."

The shadow near Reshaya and Kuroi disappears, while the shadow form on Shinai's head duplicates so the new shadow form can also scratch Shinai behind her other horn. FilFire's rumbling increases a bit in volume, causing the ground underneath them to start vibrating gently.

Kuroi closes his eyes as he hugs Reshaya physically together with the mental hug including both Reshaya and FilFire. He chuckles a bit when Reshaya wriggles her hips, one hand travelling down to gently stroke them as the other hand keeps Reshaya pressed against Kuroi. At the suggestion of giving the two dragons some privacy Kuroi opens one eye to look around them at the sudden growth spurt happening for all the plants.

K: "Hmmmmm....... Well, that is probably a good idea, if only because otherwise we might get trapped in between two giant dragons and lots of plants."

Replacing the hand stroking Reshaya's hip to her back he embraces her tightly as he stands up slowly, using his tail to help lift Reshaya. He gently licks her on the nose.

K: "So, where would you like to be carried to? As for letting me enjoy something, sure, but to keep it fair I also want you to think of something I can do to make things more enjoyable for you. I know pleasing your mate is nice, but I would feel bad if I only let you take care of me without doing anything back for you."

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Reshaya would chuckle and pointed towards the lake so that Kuroi could start carrying her there. The other thing Kuroi would notice would be that Reshaya felt a little lighter than usual at the moment either she was hovering slightly, or she was doing something that required quite a substantial amount of blood. "Don't worry Kuroi, I have plenty of things I would like you to do for me later."

As Reshaya and Kuroi leaves Shinai would reply. "Indeed there is more to this and a simple boost." FilFire would start to feel a little bit of entanglement mentally although at first it feels a little hard to breath the feeling quickly dissipates allowing FilFire to see what was actually happening. Shinai was completely rewriting how her energy relay worked with those she was linked to. At the moment Shinai basically roped FilFire into her web of links allowing him not only control over the element of nature without it conflicting with his other abilities by using Shinai as a buffer, but it also allowed him complete control of her should he feel he needs it. "Its a little complicated at first, but.....there are so many ways this can be beneficial. Although I would think you wouldn't need more power, its good to have a diverse base along with superior skills in that area." Shinai's body would continue to glow before her bark scales changed over to emerald and white opal scales. Shinai would rumble happily before giving FilFire's neck a nice long lick. "hmmmnnnn.....You still taste like ash and brimstone to me, but I am learning to like it." Shinai would start to actively lick and nibble FilFire's more pleasurable spots as she moves a bit so that she was grinding on FilFire now. "So how about you show me what you got out of our little conversation hrrmmm?"

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Kuroi obediently starts moving in the direction Reshaya points towards, his tail wrapping itself around her on the way while he does his best not to trample any of the plants Shinai is causing to grow at high speed. Feeling that Reshaya is feeling lighter than she normally does Kuroi raises an eyebrow, then chuckles slightly.

K: "Good. Although from the feel of it you're planning something which will be hard for me to compete with."

He stops moving for a moment to nuzzle Reshaya's neck, then continues walking.

K: "However I am going to try hard to do so."

However he suddenly slows down again and looks backwards, at where FilFire and Shinai would be visible if it wasn't for all the vegetation standing in the way. Kuroi's ears twitch a couple of times and he frowns before shaking his head and continuing walking.

FilFire stops licking and nibbling Shinai when he feels she's doing something quite complicated, tilting his head sideways as he feels it starts to affect him. As it restricts his breathing he exhales a wisp of flame annoyed, then shakes his head to remove the feeling. When he looks at what Shinai is actually doing he quickly starts doing some work of his own, while Shinai would notice that when she pulls FilFire into her energy relay it feels a lot like she just placed a blazing flame amidst a ball of vines. However FilFire quickly manages to make that feeling disappear, making his own energy that is now entangled with Shinai's change its nature so that it won't react aggressively to outside energies. As Shinai's trick causes FilFire to gain the ability to use nature based abilities FilFire bares his fangs slightly and shakes his head again, while his fangs, spikes and claws take on a very dark green colour. When the transformation has settled down FilFire looks at Shinai.

F: "Well, that felt strange. And it has indeed a lot of potential, but it might be a good idea if you give me a warning beforehand. Also, you'll have to be careful now that you've pulled a firestorm in amidst all your precious nature."

He then watches Shinai alter her appearance before rumbling when she licks his neck. He then licks her back.

F: "Well, you still taste like one of those plants that some people use to give themselves a funny smell."

He resumes licking Shinai back actively, rumbling happily as she grinds against him. As she asks what kind of idea he had come up with he grins widely, the shadow forms sitting on Shinai's head having disappeared when Shinai pulled FilFire into her energy relay. As answer he places a claw on the ground, and around them the surroundings start to rumble. After a couple of second darkness spreads everywhere and forms into several dozens of copies of FilFire in humanoid form, all looking up at Shinai with their arms folded and grinning slightly. At the same time tentacles of darkness start growing out of the ground.

F: "Of course, but to make it more fun you'll need to turn into your eight humanoid forms. Partly because that form is just more appropriate for something like this, and partly because the fact that in those forms you're more willing to do strange things will help a lot."

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After Reshaya and Kuroi reached the lake Reshaya would hop off and start splitting off to multiple forms each with their own looks and scent even. Mant of Reshaya's female forms would come in snuggling up to Kuroi. They would stroke her fur gently letting their fingers glide through each strand nice and slowly. The male forms would be on stand by at the moment, but they were all pretty decent to handsome specimens. Reshaya would move up to Kuroi with an aura of excitement and lust around her. Her female forms would start to lick and nibble on Kuroi's body while Reshaya would step closer and caress Kuroi's face. "I know I shouldn't become too per-occupied, but.......With Ryu and everything I really just want a little bit of fun...and I wanted your opinion....I wanted to do something like this when we got to the Ryuuka Empire. I think everyone where would enjoy it.....oh and watch this...." Reshaya would give all of her other forms draconic features, not only that, but it gave them unique fires and other traits of their own. "I can also shuffle these if I want, but yeah. So far I have around 8000 people, but I wanted to make that 10,000 if possible."

Shinai would chuckle, "Perhaps, but we may yet adapt to flames we just need to endure it by moderation....." Shinai would then turn back to her 8 humanoid forms. This time her hair was emerald green and it went down all the way to her hips her other forms had slightly different hair styles, but they were all similar lengths. Her draconic features were even more prominent now, with more scales covering her body except for the spots meant for their fun. Which remained as human skin. The Shinai's would smile towards the shadow forms and cautiously approach them much like how she remembered Reshaya did when she was exploring.

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((Well, since if Puros was going to wake up right now it would become really awkward, I'll just use Echo the phoenix for this.))

While all the others have been enjoying themselves, Echo has been taking care of the Heart of Flames. Finding a good spot to secure something as dangerous as that in the middle of a jungle planet is a bit difficult, but he's pretty sure that the present location should at least be suitable for the foreseeable future. Since Puros hasn't called for either him or the artefact yet Echo decided to explore the biome a bit, looking at the kinds of things this place has to offer. Now however he looks in a certain direction as he feels something strange. He halts his flight to land on the branch of a nearby tree as he tilts his head, wondering what is causing the strange feeling. If he were to guess it would be that somewhere in the biome somebody is using an overload of flame magic, but other than that he isn't sure. Deciding that satisfying his curiosity beats guarding the artefact Echo spreads his wings again and flies in the direction the feeling first came from. It'll probably be one of the dragons doing something, but it's not like he has anything better to do anyway.

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Kuroi opens his arms so Reshaya can easily jump off, then folds them as he observes what Reshaya is planning to do. When she starts splitting herself with each form being an unique individual he raises an eyebrow, which goes even further when he sees just how many forms Reshaya is creating. He looks at all the female forms gathering around him, but decides to ignore them for now as he continues studying what Reshaya is doing, although his tail strokes the females in return of them brushing his fur. He looks around, then smiles at Reshaya when she comes closer and caresses his face.

K: "Well, I can see that you have been busy. Although I would think what you're doing with Ryu right now would count as fun."

He blinks and shakes his head, his tail stiffening for a moment before loosening up again.

K: "As for whether the Ryuka will like it, probably. Although there's a high chance they're also going to create a lot of clones just for the hell of it when they see this trick."

He frowns slightly, his ears twitching.

K: "Eight thousand already sounds like a lot. Where did you get all the blood required for something as grand as this anyway?"

FilFire's main body also turns into humanoid form, joining the others as he answers.

F: "That might work, but if you want moderation you should take another person than me, since I'm a much more dangerous flame than most."

The main form then fades a bit until FilFire looks just like all the other shadow forms, which all patiently wait for the Shinai's to get closer as the darkness tendrils form around them. When they are close enough the tendrils of darkness suddenly appear around them and bind their limbs, then the shadow forms charge forward, splitting off in groups that encircle and close in on each Shinai as the darkness tendrils slowly entangle them further and further.

F: "Last time you were the majority with eight versus two. Now we'll do it eight versus twenty-four. And the darkness vines together with your personality in these forms should make it a lot more fun than last time."

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Reshaya would giggle, "It does and as much as I am enjoying my moment with Ryu, I don't want to be unfair towards you either Kuroi....as for clones.....for a short while we are going to have an over population issue then....as for the blood? These are all samples from the institute I managed to classify and recreate their past forms one by one. If you are asking about the pure volume, I am literally using all my reserves on this right now.... but for you I feel that its worth it." Reshaya would start to hug Kuroi prompting the others to back off a bit.

The Shinai's would approach the shadow tendrils before letting out a bit of a yelp from the sudden binding. The Shinai's for the most part would give a lusty, but submissive look as the main one would smile happily as she replied. "Oooh.....well then my dominant mate put me in my place then....."

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Kuroi raises an eyebrow, but at the same time also smiles.

K: "I'm pretty sure that I've already once said that being with you is already good enough for me. You don't have to trouble yourself about me like that. And I think that the Ryuka are already used to overpopulation by now, although their tactic for solving it seems to mostly consist of conquering more space."

He listens to Reshaya answering about how she got all the requirements for this, then chuckles softly as he hugs Reshaya back, stroking her back softly as he responds.

K: "Hmmm.... That must have cost you a lot of effort, recreating so many people only by the information you could get from their blood. And I appreciate you going so far just for me, but honestly I think creating so many copies is a bit much, since I can't imagine what you could do with so many for only one person."

The shadow forms all grin as they reach the Shinai's, controlling the shadow tendrils to prepare all eight of them for what would come next.

F: "Exactly what I was planning to. It's really interesting how you pulled me into your family like that, but seeing how that also gave me complete dominion over you I might as well make use of it as best as I can."

Suddenly giant dark tendrils spawn, quickly covering the entire area in a giant dome made out of them, with man of them going right through everything and giving the appearance of a giant thorn bush. The dark tendrils that are working on the Shinai's now partly originate from the giant dark tendrils, making them come from different angles and allowing for more possibilities. The shadow forms all chuckle before getting to work themselves now that the entire area is trapped in darkness.

((Fade out for FilFire and Shinai.))