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Latest update: 22, APR 24 CLE

Latest Addition: A new article, The Other Side of the Mirror: Anti-Crime Investigations. And a new ad! Enjoy!

Active News----------------
  • Headlines - World: Here - Nothing Yet...sorry
  • Headlines - Bandle City -- The Daily Bandle: Here - Nothing Yet...sorry
  • Headlines - Blue Flame Islands (Bilgewater) -- Bildgewater Bugle: Here - Nothing Yet...sorry
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Entertainment/Informative Columns ---------------
  • The Champion Chronicles Interviews, by Ryugi "Kaz" Kazamaru and Kuronan Estimare: Here - In this edition of Champion interviews, Kuronan speaks with the legendary void monster Kog'Maw, and lives without acid spit in his face!
  • Lady Jane Snow's Nature Talk, by Lady Jane Snow: Here - This Week's Feature - The Howling Marsh.
  • Ridley's Recommendations Advice Column, by Lady Ridley Bouchard: Here - Nothing yet. Sorry.
  • The Hextech Armory: Information on New Weapons and Technology in Runeterra, by Cinder and Kuronan Estimare: Here - This week's topic: Augmentation in Zaun, and how it can be beneficial for us all.
  • Dr. Mundo's Mundo-y Column of Business and Science, by CEO "Mundo" Edmundo: Here - This week's topic: Mundo's tips on becoming a good businessman, Part 1.
  • Underground Development, by *Anonymous*: Here - Nothing Yet...sorry

  • The Other Side of the Mirror: Anti-Crime Investigations, by Erin "Swift" Hunter: Here - Edition I

Special Stories----------------

  • Nothing Yet

Special Announcements / Advertisements---------------

  • CHAMPION INPUT REQUESTED - Champions who wish to sponsor the paper with their own articles will be greatly appreciated. Contact Fayvel Christopherson in person or in Rune-call on line number 555-0312.

  • CUPCAKES FOR FREE!. Due to a magical mishap involving an unnamed faerie, Lulu is forced to give 1,000 cupcakes away. Stop by the Institute and pick up yours now!

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    So come on down now! Limited supply.

  • ♪♫Free music lessons!♫♪. League champion and musical maven Sona Buvelle wishes to teach people about the magic and wonder of music. Those wishing to learn a new skill or simply listen to some inspiring pieces should attend.
    Where: Demacian Central Park
    When: 27, APR 24 CLE, 8AM - 5PM
    Why: Music! ♪♪

    For more information, contact Sona Buvelle.

  • Want to advertise here? Contact 555-1032 or on the Blitzernet at thechampionchronicles.blitz/advertise.

What's going on in the News Room?

Dateline - 15 APR 24 CLE

The League's newest news source is busy working hard to prepare new stories for the first edition. Printers are printing, photos are developing, researchers are researching...everything is falling perfectly into place for the first edition, which has promised to be as incorruptible and completely honest as possible, and prove once again that news and the League are trustworthy sources of information.



Hi! This here is a new Roleplay / News Feed Area. Here, people will work vigilantly to bring the latest news and events happening throughout Runeterra. If you would like to contribute, please drop an application on by and we may consider you for a position.

For those already signed up and writers, post your own articles whenever you can, and be sure to tell AODRG when you do, so he can add the link to the post in this post.

But...this is also a roleplaying place as much as it is a news feed. Those who wish can interact with each other, collaborate in character, and truly create something amazing for our readers! Anyone who wants to join simply post IC. Any and all of our main writers may interview and hire you.

Also try to keep all OOC discussions here. Thank You!

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Headlines - World:

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Headlines - Bandle City:
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Headlines - Blue Flame Islands (Bilgewater):
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Headlines - Demacia:
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Headlines - Piltover:
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Headlines - Shurima Desert (and surrounding areas):
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Headlines - Zaun:
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The Champion Chronicles Interviews, by Ryugi "Kaz" Kazamaru and Kuronan Estimare:
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Lady Jane Snow's Nature Talk, by Lady Jane Snow:
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Ridley's Recommendations Advice Column, by Lady Ridley Bouchard:
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The Hextech Armory: Information on New Weapons and Technology in Runeterra, by Cinder and Kuronan Estimare:
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Dr. Mundo's Mundo-y Column of Business and Science, by CEO "Mundo" Edmundo:
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Underground Development, by *Anonymous*:
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Special Stories-----
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Kuronan rapidly churned out a new article for the first debut of his shared article. This was something he had to do, both as a supporter of the Glorious Evolution and as a former beneficiary (even if it was technically by choice) he finished the article in around ten minutes and brought it to the Editor. "Well, how is it?" The article would read as follows:

The Hextech Armory: Information on New Weapons and Technology in Runeterra
Article 1: The Glorious Evolution and You, by Kuronan Estimare

Greetings! If you are reading this article, it means you have an eye towards Tomorrow, towards the Future. In our pursuit of the Future of Runeterra, we sometimes forget the Today and the sciences that are not yet appreciated for what they are. I would like to discuss with you (in a sadly somewhat biased view) about Augmentation.

This Science, formerly unavailable for all but the most influential and wealthy of individuals, has become more widespread thanks to the efforts of the Machine Herald Viktor. However, former actions by Viktor, along with prejudiced and blind sermons by a very popular icon, have left this science in a darker light than I feel it deserves. So I shall go about remedying this by speaking with you all and explaining just what it is, how it can help you, and why you should take the words of the 'Defender of Tomorrow' with a grain of salt.

First, let me dispel any rumors: Viktor is not a madman. I have spoken with Viktor and a few of his acolytes on many occasions, and I can tell you that many of these fine gentlemen and ladies are people you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with and just have a casual conversation were it not for the giant red slit that may be covering where their eyes should be or the twirling mechanism they have replacing where an arm should be.

You could even say we are on very friendly terms, so I am always saddened when someone approached me back in the day when I too, had a metallic arm, and feared me rather than treated me like a normal human being. The metal on my arm did not change the material that made up my shattered heart whenever someone avoided me in the hallowed halls of the Institute, nor did it change the glares from those who thought me a monster (though at some point I stopped giving a damn) I can confirm that all augmented individuals are fully human save for any limbs that may have been replaced, which brings me to my next point:

When augmentations were first publicized by Viktor, they were seen as a sort of trend or new outfit, rather than their best use: replacement of a limb you actually lost. This can happen to anyone, whether you got your hand too close to a swung sword, whether a fireball just happened to be in the vicinity, or you just managed to annoy the wrong person. I hope for any of you reading this and relating that a Healer was nearby to remedy the situation before it was too late, but rarely is this the case. Not everyone can get their limbs properly treated however... some people have been forced to make due with a lack of an entire limb! Or perhaps you had a defect in your leg's bones and you could never walk properly.

While an augment can never truthfully replace a lost limb, it can help you cope better. This is especially true of Viktor's augments, with faster reaction times than even normal limbs can attain without specialized training from a very young age. Augmentation is not something to be feared as people may think, but a science taking it's first steps in the big world of Runeterra. People act as though it were somehow an evil thing however, and I can tell you that's not the case.

'But what about Viktor' you say. 'Didn't he try to steal from The Defender of Tomorrow?' Yes, he did, and he regrets it. That's not to say that his actions were justified (I personally wish they had gone differently) but as we all know, the past is irreversible. Viktor had made a mistake back then, and he acknowledges it and Jayce continues to stain his name and his science based purely upon this.

But do you blame every Noxian for every war, even if they did not shoot the first arrow? Do you blame every Zaunite for a machine gone wrong, even if it was made in Piltover? The same can be said of this. Augmentation is not inherently evil, and it never will be. There is no chip installed into your brain to change your opinions, there is no supreme override code that will turn you into a slave. This is a better version of having a hook on your hand or a wooden plank on your leg.

And is that really so evil? Thank you for reading, and I hope I have not discoruaged you from reading future articles of The Hextech Armory or the Champion Chronicles. Until next time, I wish you all the best.

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Speculation Stories: Part one. Brought to you by Bookworm

Cho'Gath, the Love Bug of the Void?

The Voidborn has been making several trips to both the Kumungu Jungle and Bilgewater. While we do not know for sure, it seems he may be seeking the attention of a certain huntress within the League.

Rumors say he has even spoken to Miss Fortune about dating advice, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Could the Terror of the Void be seeking a mate?

We do not know, but we will find out.

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Secrets from the Underground, Article 1. Written by Limestone Anarchy. ((Emil's pen name.))
((WIP, will be posted soon enough.))

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Lady Jane Snow’s Nature Talk
This month’s feature:
The Howling Marsh

A privately sponsored expedition from two years ago, participated in by yours truly, describes the Howling Marsh’s Geography as a vast, obscure landscape. It is fed by the termination of the great Serpentine River, collecting in a basin formed by the Ironspike Mountains. As typical of marshes, it alternates between very thick and very predatory vegetation, immeasurably tall trees, fungus and mold colonies, amphibian wildlife and pools of stagnant water filled with dead plants... and the dead in general, some of which have been preserved by the properties of the soil and water, compounded by the saturation of magical energies.

Due to the lethal ecology the expedition noted fortresses dating back to the Rune wars, overtaken by vines and predators; they decided to make their initial camp at the ruined keep when members of the Expedition went missing on the first day.

Climatically, Gaseous build ups are common, as are toxic fogs; Sunlight is obscured and stored enough that the day night cycle is not reliable, and the expedition has to keep track of time with their pocket watches. Humidity is high year round, and even in winter the stagnant pools never freeze solid enough to be walked on, causing many unwary travellers to fall to their deaths.

Politically, the Marshes are neutral territory, as no current State is willing to hold the region. A few noteworthy events in the histories of Champions took place here, and up until recent memory, the Marshes were claimed by Karthus as his private domain. This was an especially lethal period of time as he would sing about those who perished in this area, a Requiem that doubles as a powerful death effect.

The expedition was protected by a Necromancer that travelled with them, thankfully, and was spared this. However, the Marshes have many, many other hidden dangers, and the expedition had to cut its stay short due to the camp’s proximity to a Gallows tree.

The Gallows Tree is a noted and very popular species of sentient plant to study, arising from possible magically-accelerated evolution similar to Maokai but more... diffused. More comprehensive information is available in botanical manuals published in Noxus and Zaun. It is also extremely carnivorous, and has a symbiotic relationship with a fungus that allows it to create undead servants from those that come too near it. The expedition discovered the fate of their missing members- they had hung far up in the branches and vines of the Gallows Tree like hanged men from the gallows, and when the tree lowered them down they became rabid ghouls that wished to devour our flesh.

Yours truly survived by hiding beneath two bodies of her colleagues as they were eaten alive over the course of an hour, choking and gagging on bodily fluids. It was also there that the tree’s primary source of nutrients was obtained- the ghouls collected all the entrails they ripped out and left them at the base of the tree. The current updated information on the Gallows Tree was obtained during this expedition, for which yours truly was awarded a Noxian naturalist award... a ceremony attended by an army captain and a few colleagues, considering scientific studies take a backseat to the military.

In retrospect, the Marshes are one of the magical ecological phenomena caused by the excessive magical expenditures of previous Runewars. Since the Institute was founded, certain stability had fallen onto landscapes like them; they are a great source of information of the long term effects of magic use, and considering its proximity to the Institute, it could serve as the seat for future ecological planning and rehabilitation.

Lady Jane Snow.

((Perhaps we can put IC interaction between staff in a different thread, yes?))

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The Champions' Chronicle - Issue 1
Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Greetings readers, and welcome to the first ever "Champions' Chronicle"! I am your stalwart champion of truth, Summoner Ryugi Kazamaru, but you may call me "Kaz." It is my goal with this publication to interview champions of the League of Legends and find out more about who they are behind what you may see on the fields. Ever since the Journal of Justice was canceled, such things have been few and far between at best, with Ram Steed interviewing only the newest champions of the League on his own time. However, the people we know and love already have been away from the spotlight for so very long, it is about time someone reconnected with them. It is my hope that I will be able to bring that to you with this publication, and show you and the rest of Runeterra who these people, these champions, truly are, and perhaps dispel some unsettling or untrue rumors about them in the process.

For my first interview, I visited Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace. After arriving at her quarters at the League, I met her butler, and indeed the butler of the Du Couteau family for generations. His name was Jenkins, and let me tell you, if ever there was a man you did not want to mess with, this gentleman fit the bill. Despite his apparent age, he filled out his uniform like a strong fighter. Rumor has it he served in the Noxian Military for quite some time, but that is not why you are here. After a brief wait, I was lead into a dim room where the woman herself, Cassiopeia, awaited my arrival, laying calmly on a shrouded couch.

CS: "Do come in and make yourself comfortable, Summoner."

[I took my seat in a lovely and expensive looking chair across from the couch.]

KZ: "Thank you for having me, Lady Du Couteau. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm happy to have the honor to have you as my first interview for my chronicle. It seems many people have questions about, and for you. Anyway, I have no desire to waste your time with common pleasantries. You're a busy woman, so I have been lead to believe, so, shall we begin, then?"

[Her voice took on a more seductive tone for the first time as she replied. It would not be the last.]

CS: "~Go on. I'm listening.~"

KZ: "Right then... Hmmm... There are a great many questions here, but it seems best to start with something simple. Many people seem to have varying views on your personality. Some see you as a perpetual flirt or loose woman, others see you as a cold-blooded murderer for Noxus. Sitting across from you, and having seen you on the fields, I am stuck not truly having much of an understanding of who you are either. That said, if you could tell anyone reading this interview something about yourself and who you are right off the bat, what would you say to them to set them straight?"

[She takes her time to reply, her voice staying sweet and growing dangerous as she finishes.]

CS: "I can see how my actions on and off the Fields may paint me in an unflattering light, one way or the other. However, both of these aspects of me all leave to one thing; my love and devotion for Noxus. I have been called many, many things, Summoner. Most of which would be inappropriate for print, let alone your ears. To me, it does not matter how I am seen. I am who I am."

KZ: "I see. For the record, I've seen and been inside the heads of many different individuals on the fields, some of which are decidedly less human than yourself. I don't think you'll find me having any discomfort with your form, nor will I think any less of you for it. We do not all have the luxury of choosing how we look, after all. Sometimes we must play the cards we are dealt. But, I ramble. Let's continue. Anyone who knows anything about yourself, your sister, or Noxus, knows about General Marcus Du Couteau and his daughters. We know a great deal about the man, how great and respected he was within Noxus, but, how was he as a father? What was your childhood like growing up with such a distinguished man?"

[Her eyes narrow and the light in them flares. I learn quickly certain topics are off limits.]

CS: "I will not discuss my father in this interview. This will be your only warning, do I make myself clear? So my form does not displease you and you feel that I am less human than most. Such comforting thoughts. Continue with your questioning before I begin to lose my patience."

[Of course, being the gentleman I am, I tried to apologize. After some discussion, and an explanation of what I had meant to discuss with my question, she calmed, and then, slowly, she opened up somewhat, and we caught a glimpse of the true Cassiopeia Du Couteau.]

CS: "...I...that is to say, me and my sister, grew up in extravagance. We always had the best of everything Noxus could offer. Schooling, training, anything that we desired. My father... ...My father was the best role model I could ever have hoped for. He was an incredible parent and the perfect soldier."

[The so-called "Snake of Noxus" was silent as she finished. It was clear she did not enjoy the subject, and was even saddened by it. I offered my condolences as best I could, and asked how she developed her skills.]

KZ: "Well, moving on... You are known to have a talent when it comes to seduction, persuasion, and interrogation. However, this must have certainly been something that developed over time. Was this a natural talent, or were you taught in the ways of such information gathering? Failing that, I don't suppose you have a favorite food, hobby, or activity you'd be willing to share?"

CS: *chuckles* "Are you interested in a demonstration of my skills, Summoner?"

KZ: "N-No, that's quite alright. But, such things are either learned, or come naturally. I'm certain Noxus has many schools of techniques for warfare and espionage, and was wondering if, perhaps, you had attended one to learn what you know. And, again, you can always talk about a hobby if you'd rather not discuss that."

CS: *chuckles again* "I am mostly self taught. I took lessons from Scoutmaster Jerrin Tethos when it came to asking the right questions and well... The pupil soon overcame the master~. It wasn't until he had his way with me did he divulge his innermost secrets." *colder, cruel chuckling* "It seemed he told a few secrets he never intended. I tried to act surprised when I heard about his execution. It was my graduation test, so to speak."

KZ: "I see... You'll forgive me for asking such a personal question, but the previous account is too much of a segue not to ask. Was that your first...um...experience? You don't have to say what was, just, it would round out the story to have a little more context, I suppose."

[It was then I realized I'd managed to put my foot in my mouth for a second time.]

CS: *sternly, demanding* "Are you asking me about the first time I ever had [intimate relations]? Rather bold of you"

[I quickly tried to remedy the situation, apologizing and attempting to clarify.]

KZ: *nervously* "W-Well... Technically speaking I was asking you if the experience you shared with me previously was indeed your first being placed into that kind of situation. Every person that has experienced such a thing has a first experience. I just...simply asked if that was yours. Again, I meant n-no disrespect... I just... I wanted the whole story, if there was one to be had."

CS: *said bluntly* "Hmmm...It was the first time where I used my wiles to extract information from an individual, yes. Every time I had to gain information, I would have to pay a certain price. Some simply needed the mere promise of ecstasy while others required a more...hands on approach. Did that answer your question adequately?"

[After this, I found myself in a rather precarious position. Upon asking a common question pertaining to the curiosity of whether or not Cassiopeia had hair under her hood (it appeared she did not, and appeared that it was part of her, but it was truly hard to say with certainty) I asked her about her abilities on the fields, and whether or not she had any magical prowess before her transformation. Things slowly went downhill from there...]

KZ: "Speaking of features, that leads us to our next question. Your abilities on the fields tend to revolve around the use of poison, claws, and your gaze. However, did you always have this sort of magical predisposition, or were your more magical abilities gained as a result of your body's change?"

CS: "That is the curious thing. It is the one thing I do not completely loath about my transformation. I was nothing but a simple human. Katarina always had a natural talent for blades, while I...well, I did not. After my transformation, I only realized my newfound abilities when my curious servants got too close. It was a rather dark time in my life. I have only begun to speak about it recently. You should count yourself lucky."

KZ: "Lady Du Couteau, the fact that I am still alive after all the fopas I've made so far has me thanking every lucky star I may have." *I looked for another question* "Ah, here is a good one. As a woman, how do you feel about the great majority of...less than completely appropriate outfits that some female champions are made to wear on the fields by summoners?"

CS: *frowning, blunt* "Why does that matter to me?"

KZ: "I suppose you have a point... You'll have to forgive me. A great deal of these questions were not submitted by myself, but merely gathered from several different sources. Many of them are so inappropriate I'm certain I'd be dead were I to ask them. Next time I will have to screen submissions more carefully. Most of the ones I have left that aren't from that category are generic questions about hobbies, favorite foods, any activities you particularly enjoy. If you are interested in answering those I'd be happy to go through them. If not, we can end things here. I wouldn't wish to overstay my welcome."

CS: *nonchalant, dismissive* "Ask what you will. I will deem them worthy or not."

KZ: "The first pertains to what you enjoy after a League match. Some champions prefer to relax or unwind. Others continue training regimens, or go back to whatever they were doing before being summoned. So, after a League match, what do you typically do?"

CS: "It is as they say; no rest for the wicked. After I finish with a match, I usually return here to take care of family matters. Being the head of one of the most illustrious families in Noxus does come with quite a bit of responsibility. And before you ask, no, I will not tell you what 'family matters' means. It is business for the Du Couteau family only. *angry* "If I find that you pestered my sister with the same inquiry, the things I will do to you will make the Demon Jester's worst nightmare look like a day at the spa. Am I understood?"

KZ: "I assure you that such inquiries are safe, Lady Du Couteau. I know better than to go prying into the affairs of a Noxian Noble House. Although, I was under the impression, as are most of my readers, I would assume, that your sister was the effective head of the house, as she is the oldest sibling. Is that untrue, then? Because, even your sister seems to suggest that she is the one in charge of the family."

CS: "She is often away on business for the military, leaving me to take care of things. She handles things when she is available to."

KZ: "Ah, I see. Well, that makes sense I suppose. Well, when you are not otherwise occupied with important family business or League matches, what do you like to do to relax or for enjoyment?"

CS: *smiling, leaning forward* "It depends on what..~mood~ I am in."

KZ: "Y-Yes, I'm sure you do a great many things, but, I was asking about activities typically not...erm...of that nature. Certainly you enjoy things outside of that realm as far as relaxation or for your interests?"

[She sat up and made her way toward my seated position, hips swaying, eyes unblinking, tone sweet as honey.]

CS: "~You are avoiding the subject, Summoner...~"

KZ: "A-And...uh...w-what subject might that be, Lady Du Couteau? I was under the impression we were t-talking about hobbies."

[She made her way to my chair and bent close, speaking quietly.]

CS: "~What's wrong, Summoner? Don't you find me...beautiful?~"

[Never before had I felt so helpless and at the mercy of another before, friends. Had I answered no, I would have been dead. Had I answered yes, I also could have easily died. Cassiopeia Du Couteau is an attractive woman, my dear readers. She is skilled in the manipulation of the mind, and in the ways of how to kill with her abilities. I admit, I feared for my life, even as her words were silk laced with honey. I learned little else during the time she had me in her clutches than she is to be respected at all times for her strengths, and that she uses sunseed oil to keep her scales smooth and clean. After she released me from her clutches, I felt as if she was done with me, and made ready to leave, however, after a brief discussion, we once again sat down to continue the interview in a new direction, with a better understanding of my goals.]

KZ: "I will do my best to avoid uncomfortable subjects, but I do truly wish to let others see you as you are. So, some questions may be a little uncomfortable. If you do not wish to answer them, tell me, and we will move on. So, you are the youngest of the Du Couteau sisters. Growing up with such a strong and respected family name must have been interesting, however, what was your childhood relationship like with Katarina? Did you two often do things together? Were you close?"

CS: *fondly, warmly* "She was my best friend, during our younger years. I looked up to her and she looked out for me. We used to get up to such mischief together. Jenkins was not so fond of those years. Eventually, we began to grow further apart as Katarina developed her skills with a blade and I discovered my talents with men."

KZ: "Such things do happen from time to time. Some people must find it odd to think of Cassiopeia or Katarina Du Couteau as children, but clearly you had to come from somewhere. So, as you grew older, I imagine you probably became fairly popular among the noble men of Noxus, both of your age and older. Suitors were probably fairly common. Do you have any stories from that part of your life you would care to share?"

CS: *laughs* "None that would be appropriate for this interview." *voice sweetens* "~Although I would be happy to share with you in...private.~"

KZ: "P-Perhaps another time. I more meant any situations where you had to turn away a suitor, or where it was one that you had to deal with in a creative way. Not necessarily...uhm...stories of that nature..."

CS: *bluntly* "Well, there was the time where I was almost killed, but is one of several stories of that nature."

KZ: "It sounds like you have a great many stories about that. Are there any you could tell for the interview? Something to give others an idea of some of the things you've been through?"

CS: "There was a time where there was a small rebellion in a tiny village outside of Noxus. Their diplomat was under the impression that he was quite the cleaver strategist. I was a fool to think that he would divulge his secrets so easily. During one of our rendezvous, I was ambushed by his men." *barking laugh* "They thought they could hold me for ransom. My father saw to them easily. The rebellion was quelled easily after their leader's heads were put on display in the village square." *smirks* "There are several stories like these. I could tell another, if you so wish."

KZ: "Please do. These are the sorts of stories that help define who we are. I find them interesting, as I am sure my readers will as well."

[I didn't know it then, but when she would speak again, she would share with me the single most life-changing experience she had ever faced... One that, up until now, she had shared with no one in the public record.]

CS: "Very well. There is only one more tale that I can tell, although some know it rather well. The tale of the night I stopped being human. Like most knew, at the time Noxus was attempting to deal with the barbarian rebellions. We were not making any progress with military campaigns, so I took it upon myself to, well...do what I did best."

CS: "His name was Usone Valin, a diplomat from the Freljord. His brother was cheifton of one of the larger eastern tribes, so he had valuable information about the inner workings of the movements of the barbarians. I did what I usually did and made myself known to him, let him know I was interested. We talked for a few hours and I convinced him to take me to his chambers. He told me several things about the barbarians, but I did not have what I needed. No matter how hard I tried, he wouldn't reveal anything about the rebellions. Finally, I promised him myself if he would tell me everything. That is when he brought out the blade..."

CS: *shuddering, angry* "If I had known what that blade would end up doing to me, I would have walked away from that man...He made me swear to secrecy, swear myself to the blade. I thought it strange, but all societies have their own customs so I did not question it. After he had his way with me, he told me everything, from their future plans to where the camps were located. The next morning, I slipped out and rushed to find my father. I told him everything I knew and then..."

[At this point, Cassiopeia grew angry and hurled a small table with her drink across the room. She calmed after a moment and continued, apologizing.]

CS: "My apologies. It is a tale I do not like telling, but it is time I told it to the public. I have hid long enough. Is there anything else?"

KZ: "No apologies are necessary, Lady Du Couteau. I do not think you truly deserved such a terrible punishment. After all, you were simply fighting for Noxus in the only way you knew how, and that was stolen from you... I understand your loss, and how much it must have wounded you. As I said, no apologies are necessary. Your losses have been great, and yet, you have persevered through all of them. You are respected, feared even, by your enemies, and sought after, even now, by several suitors. After everything you have been through, how do you feel about your life, where you are? Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?

CS: *sighs* "I have often thought about that. Most days, I don't know. Others, I don't even care. I just want to find out what happened to my father. That is my only purpose for existing."

KZ: "I see..."

CS: *impatiently, tapping a talon* "Anything else?"

KZ: "No, I suppose not. Lady Du Couteau, it has been an honest pleasure speaking with you."

I took my leave soon after that. Friends, I have learned a great deal about the Serpent's Embrace from our interview. Despite what I have been through at her hands, I do not see her as a loose woman. I do not even see her as angry, at least not without good cause. During the ordeal, she mentioned her first interview, which made her appear to only be interested in one thing...and she might be, but it is not what most would think. Cassiopeia Du Couteau is an attractive, intelligent, but dangerous woman if you overstep your bounds. But, beyond that, she is a person afflicted with a terrible curse, who has lost a great part of her life to actions beyond her direct control.

Despite this, she does not seek or want your pity. She wants to be seen as an individual, and wishes to be respected for the person that she is. I have seen monsters, felt their presence on the fields, even been forced to deal with them in battle in my own past, or while commanding a champion. Cassiopeia Du Couteau is no monster. She is a woman tortured by a curse she did not ask for, and a father taken from her when she needed him most. She remains strong, but only to find what happened to him. Little else gives her solace or purpose, and that is truly tragic.

So, my dear readers, bear this in mind the next time you try to label Cassiopeia Du Couteau as a monster or a loose woman. She has suffered a great deal, and despite it all, continues to have the strength of character to face each new day. Take the time to get to know the person before you label them. For all you know, rather than a snake in the grass, you might just find a diamond in the rough...

Till next time, dear readers, take care!

This is Summoner Kaz signing off!

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