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Questions about Olaf Jungle

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1. How many points in W do you need with Madred's/Wriggles to have good sustain? I tend to end up maxing W first because I don't know when to stop. It hurts my ganks, and I feel like maxing Q or E would be better.

2. What do you build on Olaf? I rush Wriggles/Boots and then go Fratmas, but it seems like it takes a super long time to build it all. Meanwhile I have lackluster damage in midgame.

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I usually level e, but i have lifesteal quints(dont know how normal that is, they are quite expensive) and then q, keping one rank in w untill i have to level it up. W give the least stats on leveling up so its usually better to level up the others, and you dont need more then one rank in it with wriggles. Also, remember to throw the axe on the ground right in front of you so you pick it up instantly and deal damage(not everyone know that, really importante for olaf jungel).

I go bots+wriggles and then phage. Then, if i have a CC-heavy team (my friend like to play morgana and kennen, so my other friend usually pick something with cc to match) i usually go triforce, beacuse it give olaf amazing damage. After that, if they dont focus me yet, i go atomas and then mallet, but if they focus me i go: mallet if they run away from me often in teamfight and warmoghs if we just stand there beating each other to death. After that 99% of my games have ended. hexdrinkerupgrade is good on him if you face a Ap heavy team tho.

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do thunder of zeus they dead, 2 man gank you at 6? throw hammer and thunder double ko