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Tips for Jax?

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I would strongly suggest Wriggle's early for Jax at top lane. Armor, last hitting, lifesteal, free wards and attack damage are too much to pass up. Rageblade is priority #1 after Wriggle's and Boots, just because it ups his DPS so much with his passive. Gunblade is after that, sometimes even after phage.

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I like going gunblade into triforce followed by hp/defence items.

Cutlass can give you sustain in lane and the slow helps him stick on champions.

I used to like rageblade on old jax but not so much anymore since his passive has the same efffect.

Wriggles is also good but I feel if your lane is going well you should rush gunblade.

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1.i build him with
boots and 3 pots
bilgewater cutlass
hextech revolver
hextech gunblade
Maw of Malmortius
Frozen Mallet
Chain Vest
Atma's Impaler
2. Jax can do either, but with my build, but if there are other better initiators (Malphite, Blitz) then let them do their job.
4.Start with your Q for escape from trades, then W for power in trades, then E for annoyance and stun, then go for your W to max it out first, followed by your Q, and your E because the doge time and the stun time don't extend, and get your ult whenever possible.
5.I use him as an anti- AD ranged carry guy. Take exaust to cut their damage, when they start to attack you, use E, then use an Empowered Q to get close enough for your E's stun to go off. Then, start whacking away. When they start running, snipe them with your hextech Gunblade. I solo Dragon often, just but your wriggle's ward on the outside of the back of dragon's cove so if the enemy team catches you, you can leap strike to it and be on your merry way.