Build a solid game and keep it fair for everyone

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U slain

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Riot really needs to think of a way to keep it fair for everyone of the FAIR League of Legends players.

The last 3 games in a row.. i have had 2 out right trolls... and 1 afk who was just in match for the IP... i mean comeon... this game is better then that.

At least have some notification that shows you the person you reported has been banned or suspended or what ever... i have very little faith in the tribunal system.. i use it everyday to weed out the scum trolls, but it really isnt enough...

There needs to be a better system in place to get rid of the trolls - really.. it ruins this game so much. I enjoy playing LoL but nothing frustrates me more when you have the opportunity to have a GREAT game and there is someone ruining it on purpose. Really upsetting.

Bet a red wont even read this because they think they are too high and mighty to actually listen to the community for once.

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Sexual Healing

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Honestly, your attitude falls outside the bounds of the Summoner's Code. Whenever you feel frustrated, take a break. Generally playing ranked queues will grant far less troll occurances, especially as your raise your ELO. Yes, trolls do exist, but that doesn't stop anyone on your team from carrying anyway. The majority of players do generally want to win games, even if their play doesn't fall in line with your expectations. So try to realize what they're trying to do and adjust accordingly. If there's an issue with language, mute. Hope this helps.

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I've had the same experience, has definitely been worse in the past week or so. people going afk, cause they are mad at their team, supports going up to top lane, because they carry "didn't last hit right" people joining a game and never connecting. and carrying a 4v5 game is very difficult. In fact the whole other team is there to prevent the carrying of a 4v5 game. There really does need to be something done for this beyond what is in place now.