To Those in Lanes that are being pushed..

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You are a terrible jungler.

If a lane is pushed under their own tower then you help or at least ask if they need it. Even if there's no kill in it you force the enemy to play cautiously and more liberally spend on wards. You should be down there half the time grabbing\stealing blue and red anyway so why not help?

Sounds like you just like the easy 2v1 kill. Jungle harder or contiue to think its everyone else's fault when its not.
You missed my point. I don't gank bot unless I'm needed, because when I play AD I don't want my jungler trying for ganks while all I want to do is farm for my BF sword or something. Unless they're getting dominated, I just leave them to last hit. I DO help when asked, but if I have my own choice, it's always mid or top.