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Best of the Best (Jax + Wukonk)

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I saw this Plot challenge on Yousogreat's post (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1520868) and decided to take it on. It's not that great, partially because I wrote this somewhere between Midnight and 3 A.M., so I probably missed some things. I also noticed that it seems to end abruptly, this is probably cause I just wanted to go to bed. I would love comments on how I could finish this a little different.

Best of the Best (Jax X Wukong)

Trees look over me as I walk through the jungle, each peering down at me with unwelcome eyes. It didn’t bother me, I’ve been in this jungle before. This time, though, it isn’t just to stroll that brought me here. I have been challenged. I bring out a piece of paper, the writing on it atrocious. I reread the message, which says this:

Jax, supposed grandmaster at arms. I give you a challenge for that title. I will not restrict you like the league has, bring whatever weapons you wish, it’s not like it will matter anyway. I will be waiting for you in the exact middle of the Plague Jungles in three days. Don’t keep me waiting.

This message wasn’t something new. People have always wished to take my title away from me. None of them lasted over a minute in an actual fight though. This guy is just like the rest, some punk warrior who thinks he is all that. Even so, I never turn down a direct challenge. With my protest towards the league, I go long periods of time without fighting with anything besides a lamppost. It’s nice to actually spar with an actual weapon, despite how short that may be.

The trees open into a clearing about eighty meters in diameter. I stood on the isolated, grassy plain, only being obscured by a couple of rocks here and there. I look up at the sun, judging the time being in the later afternoon. I wasn’t early, but I wasn’t late either. This was the third day after I got the message, so the challenger should be waiting.

“Look who finally decided to show up.” The voice seemed to echo throughout the plain, making it impossible to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. A small thud comes from the right, and I quickly turn towards the noise. I was caught off guard by what stood before me. It wasn’t some punk warrior, it wasn’t even human. My supposed challenger was actually a monkey.

“Seriously, don’t tell me you are the one who issued this note.” I take out the slip of paper, letting the breeze take it away into the depths of the jungle. I size up my opponent, just to be safe. He looked physically fit, probably stronger then most of the people who I face. But with that strength, it looks like he sacrifices speed. He had this look in his eyes that seemed familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Yes I am, and don’t make fun of me.” The monkey says in return.

“And who may I ask be my opponent?”

“I am Kong, but I have recently been deemed Wukong by my master. I will warn you, don’t underestimate me. I have been trained by Master Yi in the arts of the Wuju, and along with my natural skills, you won’t defeat me.” Wukong gets a smug look on his face. I cross my arms, still barely comprehending that this ape was my challenger.

“Master Yi trained you? I highly doubt that. If that is a lie to try and intimidate me, then it won’t work. I have sparred with Master Yi many times, and I am usually am the victor.” I pull out my weapon, the lamppost. “I will commend you to have the audacity to challenge me, but it will end up resulting in vain. I will take on your challenge, but I don’t find you worthy of my full power. A dishonest fighter such as you doesn’t deserve such an honor. So, I will use this lamppost to defeat you.” I scan the area, figuring I have the advantage within the clearing. He may become bothersome if he is allowed to jump from tree to tree.

“I warned you not to underestimate me, but nevertheless, it’s your choice. A win is a win in my head. Now, get ready.” He enters a fighting stance and just stands there. Does he expect me to make the first mov-, my thought is cut short by a bristle of grass behind me. I turn around, finding Wukong swinging at me with some kind of staff. I barely manage to dodge the strike by jumping to the side. A small creator appeared at where I was standing mere moments ago. I look at the original image, seeing that it has disappeared.

“Nice dodge, I was hoping it wouldn’t end in only one hit. Do you understand my strength now?” I get in a full defensive stance, in case he already moved. Was that an afterimage? If so, then I extremely underestimated his speed. Though, I can see that I estimated his strength correctly. His combination of speed and strength defiantly a dangerous combo.

“Ok, I will admit, you have some talent. But you will have to do much more then that if you wish to defeat me.”

“You asked for it.” He points the tip of his staff towards me. It was a stance that I didn’t recognize, and one that didn’t have offensive or defensive capabilities. I’m shocked when the staff expands at an alarming rate. I deflect the weapon and let it embed itself into a large rock. Before I get a chance to react, Wukong shrinks the staff and flies towards me. I dodge, but am hit in the side by his foot.

I stumble in pain, and he tries to take advantage of this by kicking at my head. I swipe his leg to the side and, with a full rotation, bash him in his back. He tumbles across the ground until using his tail as a spring and jumping back to his feat. That attack would have crippled most men, it is surprising that he can stand afterwards. He rubs his back and says, “Ouch, that hurt.” I look into his eyes again and see exactly what I missed before.

“You have some skill. I am sorry for labeling you as a liar. That look in your eyes matches Yi’s fighting spirit. I see you were telling the truth about being trained by Yi.” I give him a small smirk. “Now it’s my turn.” I dash toward him. He extends his staff, but this time I leap into the air. I drop upon his head, being deflect at the last second. I swing around his side and go for a jab. He flips over my attack, swinging as a counter. I duck and roll, then jump at him again. He dodges and my weapon sticks into the ground. I used the grounded post and spin around, kicking him in the gut.

“I hope this isn’t all you’ve got.” He grunts as he staggers to his feet. I sigh and say, “You are very arrogant. I must ask, why do you fight?”

“To be the best. I have entered the League and I won’t stop until I am the most powerful person in all of Valoran.”

I give him a single laugh. “And that is what ultimately causes your downfall. You are not the first to have the dream to be the best, and defiantly not the first to challenge me because of it.”

“What do you fight for then?”

“I just fight for the thrill of the battle, and right now, there is no thrill to be seen.“ He runs towards me. I see the rage within his eyes, and this rage causes him to become sloppy. I easily dodge and bat him aside. “You, like all the others, are missing something, an actual cause. So I will ask again, why do you fight?”

“I don’t have to answer you. You won’t matter once I defeat you.” He stops moving. When I take a closer look, I see that he seemed almost see-through. I quickly turn around, but I am unable to fully block his blow. I push him away and he does a couple of flips before resting in once place. With an idea of what this skill is, I rummage through my bag. I bring out a small relic looking object. I place my hand on it’s orb, which began to glow purple. I then throw it to the ground, it sticking and disappearing within a couple of seconds.

“Doubt you could do that again.” I taunt him. He takes the bait. I see that the original image freezes, and a shadowy figure runs to the side. I bound towards the shadow, ignoring the first image. He doesn’t expect this and I easily pound him out of his stealth. “You use deception to win your battles. A normal fighter may be fooled, but I will not go down to such a simple trick. You seem to have spirit, but I don’t know where it comes from. So I will ask one last time, why do you fight?”

“You want to know, it’s because I must. I was brought into this world though an ancient ritual. I contained this thirst for battle. I fought every creature in these forests and beat them all. But you know what, that wasn’t enough.” I see a pained look take over. “This unquenchable urge still resided inside of me, and I couldn’t get rid of it. I must fight, my being won‘t let me do anything else.” Wukong jumps high into the air, which he then splits into three parts.

They surround me, each pausing before bolting towards me. I deflect one, dodge another, and am hit by the third. This tells me that each of these are real. I spin my post, forcing all the Wukongs to jump back. Each of the images come in for another attack. I begin being battered by these three apes, each attack causing on hit on me. I decide enough is enough. When they come in for their next attack, I focus my energy into the pole. It blows as I hit the ground like a club and send earth flying towards one of them. I swirl around and dodge the other two attacks. I then jump back away from the three.

“I won’t underestimate you anymore. I guess I will have to use my actual strength.” I stick the lamppost into the ground and unsheathe an actual weapon, my sword.

“That’s what I want, now, come at me with all you got!” He yells deranged. I see in his eyes that the old Wukong no longer stood in front of me. Now stood a bloodthirsty ape.
“You don’t understand my true power. I have gained the title armsmaster for a reason.” I swing my sword, then sheave it. Two of the Wukongs, standing ten meters away, dissipate into clouds of smoke. While blood gushes out of a wound on the third one. He was dumbfounded, the look on his face screamed disbelief.

“That technique. That was-” He spats blood onto the ground.

“Yes, that was the Alpah Srike, a move that Yi mastered. I learned it within the first hour of seeing it. Do you understand now Wukong? You are no match for me.” I throw a health potion at his feet and begin to walk away.

“No,” he objects, forcing himself to his feet. “I will never surrender, I can’t surrender.” He then staggers towards me, catching himself from falling with his staff.

“It’s over, you have lost.”

“I can’t give up. I don’t have a choice, this thirst gives me none.” He limps a few more times before falling to the ground. He stands again and hobbles towards me.

“Don’t let the urge control you. Don’t fight for it. Fight for a different reason, something else that is worth the fight. Don’t you see what you are doing to yourself? It’s killing you.” He doesn’t stop moving towards me. He begins mumbling something inaudible.

An idea is stuck into my head and I quickly rummage through my bag again. I grab out a silver sash and toss onto Wukong’s head. I chant a few words and the sash glows brightly. Wukong stops walking and loses consciousness. I grab the sash and begin tending to his wounds.

Once he looked like he was wrapped in more bandages then Amumu, I sit back and wait to see if it worked. Wukong’s head shakes a bit. He then lifts his head up and glances around. He then look towards his wounded body. “Did you do this?” he asked, his tone sounding distant and empty.

“Yes I did, I didn’t want this fight to be your last. You are a worthy opponent, you were just fighting for the wrong reason. Now tell me, what do you feel?” He seemed generally confused by the question.

“I feel a lot of pain.” He answers bluntly.

“No, deeper, what else?” I push him. He sits there for a moment.

“Nothing, I feel nothing.” He admits. I realize that my gamble was a success.

“Yes, now think about that deeper, what does it mean.” I wait for him to respond. He gives me another confused look, but if he wanted to say something, he kept it to himself. Night was upon us and wolves began crying to the moon. Then, like a brick, it hit him.

“I feel nothing, it’s gone. That urge disappeared. What did you do?” I hold up the silver sash.

“This is called the QuickSilver Sash. It is an item created to cleanse the user from all impurities.” I see a single tear in his eye. He tries to get to his feet, but winces in pain instead.

“What will you do now? Are you still be fighting in the League?” I help him to his feet.

“Of course, but now for a different reason. I realize my reason for fighting now, and I will follow it to the end. It’s funny, a saying that Master Yi told me is running through my head. ‘Only in combat do you learn who you truly are.’ I never realized what he meant by that until now.”

“Glad to hear that. Now let’s go and get you a real medic, otherwise you will bleed to death. Once we get back, I will teach you a technique I learned when fighting Garen, and a way I found to improve it.”