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Feedback - Kayle

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Recently I started to play Kalye, I play her quite a lot now due to enjoying her hybrid style of play and multi-role support. Although she isn't played much due to a number of weakness she has, here are some of the things I think could improved the character.

Passive(Holy Fervor): The range on this ability is rather short, I have had friendly champions die on the same screen as me and not received the buff.

Edit: After testing it isn't a bad difference, but the buff is too short for those who die near you, so a longer duration would be nice or longer range.

Low Improvement Suggestion: Increase the range of the ability, when you hover your mouse over the ability to display the tooltip, also show the range of the passive ability. It helps to know, and it would help to play him to know the range.

On hero death, reckoning cooldown ends(if the skill was on cooldown).

Mid Improvement: Low + Kayle recieves twice her own attack speed bonus for 10 seconds(Why? It is much easier to control your own values than your teams).

High Improvement: Low + Mid + Increase the aura attack speed to 10% attack speed, and 10% damage reflection on normals.

Great skill, but becomes subpar quickly due to the lack of focus on AP. If Kayle is meant to be a nuker(please no), the cooldown is far too long to be useful. The mana cost is perfect where it is, but I would suggest the return to 90/145/205/270/320, while the debuffs increase from 4 second on 90/145, 6 seconds 205/270, 8 seconds on 320.

Possibility: On vengeance, the ability becomes an aoe burst from Kayle for the same as above with the 25% increase.

Active(Divine Blessing): Great ability, but the heal begins to fall through later in the game, suggested healing 5%/7%/9%/12%, so at 2000 hp, it would heal for 240 hp. This ability would have ap increase but would need to be low or capped, aka no 600ap super Kayle healers.

Active(Righteous Fury): Great skill, possibly has two ways to make it more powerful, with an slight increase in damage(8/15/22/29/36) with a splash increase of a raw 10%, (30/35/40/45/50).

Or, a more fun way(and much more powerful), same as currently is but with an added effect of increased duration. I believe the cooldown is 25 second at the moment, which isn't listed on your site. The duration would be (10/14/18/22/toggle), meaning at the last level of the skill it simply can be toggled on and ran all the time with a ticking mana cost. Say, 1-3% a second.

Active(Intervention): Amazing, just the way it is.

Anyways, this thread isn't a buff Kayle this way, but possibly give new ways to make the character more effective, and useful while modifying old and new concepts.