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ashe good in twisted tree line 1v1?

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Death Crave

Senior Member


If you think she is good top compared to other ranged, she is not. Then again ranged arnt good top in general, but her lack of escape is what kills her.

But her ult can be used as an escape!!! Congrats....your epicly awesome initiation ult was wasted.

Her slow and free crits give her a decent early game, but if they gap close your dead, you use flash? guess what so do they......so your still dead......you also are using ghost?.....i bet they either are using exhaust, which cancels out ghost, or ignited you after almost 1 shotting you so your still dead.

Oh and if you use summoners and they dont, then they still won since you wasted yours.

She is better than say Miss fortune top, but almost every other ranged has some form of escape, and is thus better top. But again top isnt meant for ranged on TT.

If you want to be ranged go bot with a tank and own, trust me it works.