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In Match Limbo?

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I was in a match recently, in a group party with a bunch of friends from school (four of us). We went to the Que stage, but one of our players never connected, the blue triangle with the lightning on it appeared in his champion box the whole time. Then it appeared that he was given an auto lock Viktor, who's face could be seen underneath that blue triangle. The match was about to begin and we all saw the "Prepare Yourselves!" at the top of the page. Then the que dropped and it said something along the lines that my friend who had not connected exited the que. We started up another que without the player who's computer was messed up and began but we got the warning that I, and my other two friends were already in a match, and therefore we could not begin. We all quickly exited and the logged back in, and now we're all stuck on the same screen.

We're on the main page, the only thing we can see is the "You have left a game in progress. Please reconnect to the game." but wheneve we click the reconnect the button simply turns grey. This condition has persisted for all of us for about half an hour, and we've all tried logging in and out and in and out.