teammate feedback

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I felt that the honoring system really isn't working as it should. Many people want to engage into the next game right after they win/lose a game. But I believe teammate feedback is truly important in a MOBA game like League of Legend. Therefore , I would like to purpose a mandatory teammate feedback HUD after each game. The system is not design to harass your newbie teammate how poorly they perform but rather a constructive feedback on how they can improve. The player must rate their their team as thumb up (well played) or thumb down(need improvement) and write a little note on how they can improve or how well they helped the team in the textbox below. And each player can go and read the last five comment in their profile page, or go to a official link to check them out. I do understand that some players will chose to abuse the system by using very abusive language, player can chose to report their comment by clicking the report button on their comment. Lastly, I strongly believe this feedback system will help player improve and create a positive atmosphere in the community.