Hypno *****

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At 16, my best friend Bob and I were nearly inseparable. His mom often
referred to us as Jim,bob. His parents owned quite a bit of land (over
1000 acres) and in the middle of the property was a small
hunting/logging cabin. It had electricity, water and a bathroom. It was
quite comfortable and we often spent time there. We would go out
camping, hunting and fishing.

Mostly we would just hang out and talk. *** was our biggest topic of
conversation. Even though we were both virgins we had vivid imaginations
about ***. We would talk about what we would do with different girls or
groups of girls. Bob had a thing for **** ***. He was obsessed with it.
He wanted to **** a girl in the ass so bad he was about to bust. He
would go on about girls asses and how much he wanted to stick his dick
into their tight puckered hole. He would talk about spreading their ass
cheeks as having her brown eye wink at him. He was crazy about ass

Bob had been reading a book about hypnotism and one day while at the
cabin I began to tease him. Saying it would never work and that it was
like voodoo. Bob defended it and said he was convinced it does work. I
then challenged him to hypnotise me. He said he would try but no

We set up a candle and he told me to concentrate on it and relax. As I did
we talked and he kept instructing me in relaxation. I became more and more
relaxed and at ease. Then he said in a loud voice "SLEEP" and I was out
like a light. Bob was amazed and quickly consulted the book. He then did
some tests to make sure I was really out.

He made me do handstands and jump around foolishly. He made me do bird
calls and funny noises. All of which I did without hesitation.

Then he asked "Have you ever done anything kinky or strange sexually?"

"When I'm alone, I like to dress as a girl and prance around the house."
I responded.

"No ****!" he said incredulously

"No ****" I said flatly

"Wow! Do you have your own clothes or do you steal your sisters?" he

"Both" I said

"Holy ****!" he exclaimed "REALLY?"


He then had me tell him in detail what I would do while dressed as a
girl. I told him about walking around in the woods or riding my bike
around. I told him how I would feel myself up and pretend it was someone
else feeling me up. How I would lay on my back and pretend I was getting

He then told me "Tomorrow you will shave your legs and wear some nice
panties. When we're here and alone you will take off your pants and sit
around not knowing you did that. You will be convinced that you are
wearing pants and regular underwear. Clear?"


"When I snap my fingers you will be awake and remember the things I made
you do, but not what we talked about. Plus when I say the word 'E lam
esh' you will be back in this hypnotic state. Clear?"



I awoke "Wow, that was cool. It really does work."

"No kidding! I was really surprised." he said smiling.

We laughed and joked and soon I asked him for a ride home. The next day
I showed up at his house and we quickly made plans to go to the cabin.
Once there, I took off my pants, laid them in the corner and sat down.
Sitting in a TINY pink thong. I began to talk about how cool yesterday
was and all the things we could do with our new found knowledge.

"We can hypnotise girls and have them walk around naked. Or have them
suck our dicks without them remembering. You could get a girl to let you
**** her up the ass anytime you want! We'll have ***** galore!"

"Yeah" bob said smiling "I was thinking the exact same thing."

I had my **** tucked back and Bob would stare at my crotch. Amazed at
how much it looked like I was hiding a ***** in there. He would ask me
to get sodas and stare at my tight round ass as I bent over to get them
out of the fridge. He stared at the mound framed between my thighs and
ass, thinking how much it looked like the posters he had in his room. I
would sit with my legs spread wide, making my panties look like they
were painted on. We played cards and checkers while talking about girls
and ***. All the stuff we usually did. I of course was totally unaware
that the whole time I was sitting around with no pants and a tiny thong
strung though my ass. My "*****" in full view for his inspection.

After a couple of hours of talking about *** and watching me walk around
in an itsy bitsy thong. Bob started to get horny and said the magic

"E lam esh"

And I was out like a light again. He then made me spread my legs and
take an assortment of of bold sexual poses. While watching, he pulled
out his **** and began to play with himself. He had me bend over so he
could play with my ass. He had me rub his hard **** between my butt
cheeks. He had me lay on my back and spread my legs while I played with
my "*****". As he watched me he began to jerk off hard and then stopped

"What am I doing?" he said aloud "Get over here and suck my dick!"

I immediately kneeled in front of him and began to suck his ****

After a few seconds of watching this Bob said "Suck it like you love

Instantly I began to suck hard in long smooth strokes. Making loud
slurping noises as I did. Bob watched as I sucked him hard and his stiff
**** disappeared into my mouth. Before long, Bob grabbed my head and
thrust his **** in my mouth.

Saying "Swallow! AHHHH"

And filled my mouth with gobs and gobs of creamy white ***. I swallowed
quickly and continued to suck his **** until he told me to stop. He then
put his **** away and had me sit down again while he looked at me and
thought for a while.

"Tomorrow, I'll pick you up at 1pm. We're going camping this weekend
till sun night. You will pack nothing but girls clothes and the things
you need to dress as a girl. You won't think anything's strange but be
sure not to get caught. Clear?"

"Yes" I respond

"Good" he continued "You won't remember that I ever hypnotised you or
that I know about hypnotism. But when I say 'E lam esh' you will return
to this state. Clear?"


"Now, when I snap my fingers you will be wide awake again. You will put
on your pants when you are ready to leave. Oh yeah; Don't forget to
bring lots of lube for the trip tomorrow." Snap
Once again wide awake we sat around and talked for a while. I got up put
on my pants and asked for a ride home.

While getting out at my house Bob asked. "You want to go camping this

"I'd love to." I replied "Pick me up at one?"

"I'll be here." he said with a laugh and drove off.