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So recently I've been looking to expand my solo top roster with a couple characters, and among the characters I've picked up is Riven. The problem is though, I can't figure out how to build her at all.

This is what I've been running:
Vamp Scepter + Phage
Wriggle's+ Boots2 (Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads)
Hex Drinker
Frozen Mallet

Skill Order: q>w>e>q>r>q>w>q>e repeat

So far, this build hasn't worked for me. So I've decided I need a new build. What do you Riven Guru's recommend? She's really a fun champion and I would love to add her to my champ roster.

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I find that maxing W first is best since it lowers its cooldown each rank. Q's damage skyrockets with each rank but its CD stays the same. Q is better to proc your passive which is where most of riven's damage comes from, and then use the last part of your Q to knock them farther away from their turret/team.

Also building wriggles on her actually slows you down alot, same goes for phage and FM. Its best to go pure damage and then some resists. My typical build is:
- doran's bladex2(low farm) or brutalizer(decent farm/kills), or BF sword (good farm/owning lane)
-merc treads/nija tabi
- get a Blood thirster ASAP for big damage boost, if your getting focused too hard then grab a chain vest and MR cloak( for guardians) against ad/most harrass or your Hexdrinker vs mass AP burst
-more blood thirsters lol
-maw is optional if you need the larger shield/AD boost

I pick these items cause of Rivens E(shield) scales off AD with really good ratios. With resists and damage items its like having a renewable 300+ health every few seconds.

Hope that helps, Oh and try your best to get solo top, cause that's rivens home, but Jungle has been popular lately as well

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Like Shadow said, getting a Bloodthirster on Riven is basiclly required, the earlier you get your bf sword the better because its a massive increase to both your dmg & your shield.

Wriggles isn't that great unless your jungling .. even then it can be replaced by 2 dorans blades instead. The vamp sceptor can go towards BT & the cloth armor can go towards GA. GA is another important item on Riven b/c of the resistances plus it allows you to go really aggressive on the enemey team.

Don't straight build hex drinker every time, only if your facing heavy AP teams. If facing heavy tanky teams be sure to pickup a last whisper at some point.

As far as abilitys, its best to lvl up which ever will help you the most: Getting poked? shield. Alot of kiting? Stun. Q is a great source of dmg if your absolutely sure you can stick on the target and get at least 2 of them. (Be sure to slam the ground with the third Q infront of them so they go backwards so you can get more dmg in.)

Riven has a beast lvl 1-3. I almost always go aggressive at lvl 1 with Q then again at 2. Most people will either die, get forced out of lane, or pop all their pots. Plus if your jungler lvl 2-3 ganks, it should be a kill no problem. Just be careful of the enemeys lvl 2 gank.

CDR can play a huge factor on Riven, if your not facing AP heavy teams, be sure to use CDR blues over MR.

Riven can also roam fairly effectivly, if you force lane oppenet to leave or they recall, shove the wave then go counter jungle with your jungler or attempt to get a kill mid if possible.

My endgame build is typically: Blood Thirster, Boots (Ninja/Merc), Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel, Last Whisper + Mal of Maloritis, Thornmail, Blood Thirsterx2, Warmogs, or Force of Nature.

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So running for a blood thirster first is the way to go? Hmm. Alright, now what about runes? Currently I'm running

Attack Speed Reds
Armor Yellows
And (Soon to be) Cool down blues.
2 Move Quints 1 Armor pen quint.

Should I switch those Cool down blues with Mage Resist blues?

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Lettuce Leaf

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Riven 101:

Skill Order:R-> W->E->Q

You max W and E because it lowers the cooldowns on them and lets you proc your passive more.


Doran blade start or boots 3x hp pots.

pick up 1-3 dorans extra(3 if boots start)

Bloodthrister buying BF sword first

Mercs or Tabis depending on team your facing.


A) another Bloodthirster

B) Guardian Angel

that's the base build you always want on her everything else is situational like Frozen mallet for extra CC if your team is lacking, Maw vs heavy AP team, Etc.


either 9x flat AD or 9x Arm pen marks

Flat armor seals

Flat MR or scaling MR glyphs depending on team your facing or what you prefer.

Flat AD or arm pen quints

Riven does not need attackspeed at all. you should be using a skill in between each AA in order to activate and use your passive the most. IE: Q->AA->Q->AA->Q->AA etc.

also CDR is nice on Riven but not required. this is how I run my Riven and I usually roflstomp with her.
Hope this helps =D.

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I personally just get:

Boots of choice