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an unfinished fanfic(need inspiration/criticism)

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first post and story want some feedback and ideas for this spare time story i've been working on

A story of champions
The day Started as any other, Fiddlesticks arose from his slumber like meditation and stretched out his wooden and cloth construct as if it functioned like a real body. “Bah” fiddles scowled as he took in his squalled surroundings for the millionth time, there next to him the shrivelled corpse of the fool who had summoned him, the scratch marks of fiddles summoning and the reeking pile of mess that was his last meal, oh wait maybe that was his brain, “heh” fiddlesticks chuckled reminiscing over his bloody arrival onto this plain.

Now life was not all doom and gloom for the demon scarecrow for when he took over this foolish mortals life force he had also taken his place in the League of Legends, by no means was this a curse to fiddlesticks as being called onto the battlefield of summoners rift was the only way he could escape the drab surroundings of the corpse’s home and feed his murderous existence

Just as that thought ended an extremely loud horn played as he was pulled into the league’s battleground summoners rift after a long tingling sensation that he was sure would’ve made his muscles spasm if he had them, a slight drop and there he stood facing four other outstanding inhabitants of the land he had learned was named valoron, these amazing specimens of life had earned the right to battle in the league of legends through wit, strength or pure will to fight their battles on this prestigious fighting ground.

The champions that stood before him all had abilities and talents that combined with his own powers of death and destruction would make an almighty team that would put fear into any mortal being of a decent mind state, most knowing that the torn landscape and magic altered setting of valoron could warp anyones mind even if to a small degree,

thanks in advance for any feedback