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Best Ranged/PVP Champion and Setup?

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Sara Leah

Senior Member


Like you i personally like the ranged playstyle also, so here we go,

First I am NOT pro at PvP by any means but manage to hold my own in a good team.

Tristana - you can get this one free from by liking facebook page. a very fun champ to play.

the others i would advise wait for free rotation to see if they fit your playstyle. all of them are great champs and all can be bad if they dont fit you.

i unlike you do not worry about being 'squishy' accepting it as part of the character types i like.

the keys to me are:

map awareness, defensive play is sometimes better than agressive (tower hugging vs pushing). know where the enemies are, did x headed in your direction? where did they go? a good time to let opponet push and stay near your tower to avoid death.

in team fights try and stay back - something im not good at yet =(, but getting better =)

also last hitting minions for gold - i bite at it but practice it in custom bot games me and all bots 3v3 summoners rift as i can afk, leave game with no penalty as long as its just me.

a side note i did not see mentioned yet.

if you are a 'team player' rather than a 'personal glory the heck with whateveryone else' try and learn all the roles and have at least one champ that can fill them even if you are not the strongest at it. sometimes in blind picks i end up haveing to choose a support or hp/tank champ rather than my prefered in an attempt to 'balance' the team.

for a tank character i got the free alistair from liking youtube i am very bad with it but if the team has no hp guy at least i have one to put in.

my current champs are:

AD = Ashe, Tristana, Caitlin,

AP = Morgana, Annie, Ryze, Janna(most play her as support but i think she does awesome damages)

Support = Janna(was a misclicked purchase but ended up liking her), Soraka

HP/Tank = Alistair,

considering Mundo, Urgot, Gangplank for melee type but this will be a while as i really dislike it also theer are a few i am waiting to come free before making any final choices in Melee.

have considered saving for Galio as he can farm minons with his ranged attacks as well as harrass if needed and he seems to be an awesome support tank.

of this list Ashe is and always will be my favorite but i just got cait 3 days ago so am playing her as much as can. Annie is my second choice.

as far as builds here are two fansites i see posted alot:



i dont use them and there are others as well maybe someone nice will post them for you

i say experiment in bots try in pvp then go with what is working for you.

Hope this helps you some.

Best Luck Always =)

... just saw this one in a differant post


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Senior Member


Based off your list, here are my opinions/experineces with the heroes. Ones I bold are ones I own play, so its first hand experience, others are experience from playing against.

Graves-Deceptively tanky. Shorter range than your typical carry, but also does more up front damage, especially at level 6. Can definitely capitalize on kills from the burst early to snowball later.

-Urgot-Not as difficult to play as people make him out to be. Land your E (poison) and you inflict serious pain on your opponents with long distance Q direct hits. Not the strongest pick bottom--you'll need a good friend to help with kills against sustain heavy lanes. In the right situations he's awesome either top or mid against champions that are solo without tons of sustain.

-Twisted Fate-Can be AD or AP type build, but generally see him as AP these days, I find. His ultimate is great at securing kills by making once teamfights your opponent thinks are even lopsided.

-Vayne-Need to use her condemn effectively to shine early. Good counterpick to tanky teams

-Tristana-Generally solid Ad carry, her jump is one of the better escape abilities. You aren't going to be doing tons of burst damage early. Can farm a lane well (even too well if you end up pushing too far) because of her ability that makes creeps explode on death.

-Vladimir-Not your standard AP carry. Vlad lacks a strong crowd control ability and does the most (AOE) damage when he's in the fray. He does not do a lot of burst early. However, when he gets a few levels on his Q and a hextech revolver, he has insane sustain, and his pool ability makes him hard to kill.

-Brand-Combo based AP caster. If you can hit his skillshots, this guy is awesome. Has a long range so he can sit back and use his abilities pretty comfortably, which makes up for the fact that his one stun requires you to land a couple of abilities.

-Morgana-If you can't farm with Morgana, there's no hope for you. Honestly when you're trying to learn to last hit, it's probably a bad idea to play Morgana cause she can farm so effectively with tormented soil. Her passive gives her free spell vamp, which again combined with soil gives her good sustain in lane. Her shield is really powerful to avoiding getting CC'd (and killed). She's great top or mid solo, and can sort of be a support (not the best pick). Learn to combo her abilities well and you'll see why she's banned.

For specific build info, go to solomid.net. Look at featured and approved guides to see what skill order and items to use, etc.

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Junior Member


So after some getting and trying of champions, I've found my best so far are Tristana and Morgana. I haven't tried Graves or Vladimir yet, so I will work on that. I got ROFLstomped by Urgot recently in a match though and I'm eager to try him as well.

Tristana- with Tristana I've been REALLY liking the rocket jump not only as a stun to gank, but also as a very nice escape (especially as I don't have Flash yet) Walljumping is also handy too for surprises and running away. Her ultimate is not only a great finisher, but also a great push to knock back opponents when trying to escape or push them into an ambush or a friendly turret. Also, her high damage attacks make her easy to feed with and she can still finish someone off even if there's not enough mana or cooldown for a special. She has good movement and enough tank to survive, so I've really been loving her.

Morgana- her ability to farm using tormented soil is phenomenal, and being able to control a lane with it is very solid as well. Her snare is a great tool for setting up ganks and for running, but overall, without Flash, she still doesnt have too great of escape options, though she is a little beefier than most mages. If ambushed, her ultimate can prove useful in surviving or getting a last minute gank, and she tends to level pretty easily for a mage. Not to mention her spell damage is pretty mean.

I have some more to try, but those two are doing pretty well for me so far.

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Junior Member


It's all a matter of taste! People have given me **** before because I play Miss Fortune with heal and flash and go mid but by the end of the game I have out killed them with less or no deaths. (not every time mind you, not trying to sound like a ******) If you learn how to use them any champ will be good. I like MF because of her movement speed especially early in the game. Makes it easy to taunt champs while farming minions until you have her E and W after that kills just start flowin in if you taunt enough to get their health down and then slow with E and boost your attack with W.

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Junior Member


P.S. She makes a killer lane partner with Morgana!

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Junior Member


Varus is strong and easy to play with

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Junior Member


I personally love Miss Fortune. Her r is amazing and its good for taking down multiple champs I find.
Also her long range is good and her q is pretty descent as well.