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Suggestion: Item animation

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Junior Member


I think there should be somewhat of a item animation when you combine a item together (recipe) because sometimes it's hard to tell if you made the item or not. I think implementing one that's fairly obvious would be a good idea since you'll know you combined the item and won't buy the recipe twice when in a rush.

Just my 2 cents

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Senior Member


........... or you could just check your inventory to see if it is there >.> plus most people end up buying the final product without buying the nesscary leaves, usually I just buy part of it, farm until I get enough money for everything else. or buy more parts whenever Im dead

the only things I actually go back to buy are things that build up over time, such as rod of ages, goddess tear, the soul stealer, things like that. and coding wise you might have a problem doing an animation for that since you might be creating multiple items all in a span of a second like the trinity force