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Comprehensive "Quality of Life" Suggestion List

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*UPDATE 1: I didn't realize how crazy popular this thread would become. I posted it on my birthday (16 April) and thought I'd update it every now and then, but was swamped with school work at the time. Should be updating it more often now and even more when I graduate.*

*UPDATE 2: Finally graduated and have some time to actually put in this thread. Going to go through every single post and update the main list. I'm also adding to the third post some balance changes that are minor but could really be used by some under appreciated Champions.*

*UPDATE 3: My contest just finished so I'll be spending more time updating this list and cleaning it up in the next week. Make sure to keep posting your thoughts and feedback!*

Hello! Below is a large number of quality of life (QoL) changes that I've compiled for a while.

Hopefully, we might be able to get some of these implemented!

Note: I've been making this list for a while, so some of them have already been implemented (and are thus not bolded). I've omitted most tool tip improvements, as there are a ton that could use some form of rewording. Additionally, some are technically buffs, but improve usability, keep consistency, or fix minor problems.

If you have any other suggestions on QoL improvements you'd like to see, post below! Remember, this is less about Champions getting buffs, but more about improving how they function.

***** Version 1.01


- Charm particle better matches the actual hit box

- Buff showing remaining duration on smoke
- If Mark of the Assassin kills a target it restores energy instead of needing to also attack (to make last hitting less risky for Akali's already weak pre-level 6 phase)

- Unbreakable Will no longer pauses Alistar and removes his current commands

- Despair shows fractions of % gained by AP (to let people know it is actually giving them something)

- Buff placer for how many seconds ultimate has been active
- Decreased mana cost on ultimate to compensate for Blue buff nerf
- Better attack animation to make last hitting easier
- Ability to re-cast Crystallize to remove it, in cases where you trap allies accidentally
- Improved particle effect for "Chilled" targets that will take double damage from Frostbite; could be shown for Anivia only
- Crystallize no longer has path finding look for a way around the wall if it is pass a certain distance (thus causing you to turn around and head a different direction completely); instead if there is no path easily around the wall then path finding simply takes you to the wall

- Ability to control Tibbers by using 'R' similar to Viktor's ult controls
- Tibbers automatically attacks the closest nearby enemy Champion when summoned
- Tibbers remains alive even when Annie dies; keeps consistency with other skills like Shaco's Hallucinate

- Ability to have Incinerate cone anchored to her model similar to Kassadin's E cone

- Total bonus gold gained from Plentiful Bounty shown
- Buff stat that shows charge duration of passive and when passive has reached max crit
- Critical number showing her and allies how long her ultimate stuns when it hits
- Better graphical indicator showing which Champion was actually stunned by Enchanted Crystal Arrow
- Improved team color visibility on Ashe's skills
- Frost Shot has a short cooldown to avoid accidentally disabling it
- Fixed Enchanted Crystal Arrow sometimes ignoring directly adjacent targets

- Sound when claw successfully hits minion or Champion, different depending on what it hit
- Gives vision on target hit by claw, letting him know what target he grabbed through fog of war
- Model clipping on the back of Goalkeeper Blitzcrank's shirt
- Right clicking on Blitzcrank's Static Field turns the passive on and off

- Visual graphic when Brand's passive is about to expire on a target

- Sound plays when someone hits trap if you're off screen
- Buff showing number of traps that are currently activated

- Range indicator on explosion of Q to show Noxious Blast's effect size
- Noxious Blast is no longer forced smart cast only

- Skills show base mana cost and current mana cost based on her passive; when skills can be cast with current passive level but not normally they are shaded differently

- Improved visual graphic for Rupture, even more so for allies
- Ability to have Feral Scream cone anchored to his model similar to Kassadin's E cone

- Improved visual effect showing for Gattling Gun's range
- Hextech Shrapnel Shells tool tip shows the 10% true damage number

- Crippling Strike focuses Champions over minions so that after using Apprehend and pulling both minions and a Champion it will always attack the Champion pulled



Dr. Mundo
- Short cooldown when activating Burning Rage to prevent accidentally disabling it immediately
- Adrenaline Rush also shows 0.3% of his life in a number
- Masochism resets auto-attack animation

- When the duration expires while having two Spinning Axes, it only removes one of the Spinning Axe buffs


- Arcane Shift prioritizes Champions over minions, but the shot can still be intercepted by minions (similar to Lulu's passive shots)

- Dark Wind bonus damage on creeps
- Innate passive becomes more powerful the higher Fiddlestick's level
- Plays a sound when Drain ends prematurely
- Auto-attacks the target of Drain when the channel ends
- Improved range indicator for Dark Wind to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)

- Q has a 0.2 cd to stop double spamming of the skill with autocast
- Burst of Speed activates when attacking buildings

- Seastone Trident's activated ability lasts for 5 seconds as indicated in the tool tip instead of 4 seconds
- Seastone Trident resets auto-attack animation
- Better terrain collision detection with Playful/Trickster; give Fizz the benefit of the doubt towards making it over terrain instead of being forced backwards
- Using Playful / Trickster gives a grace period before jungle creeps lose focus and start to regenerate health


- Galio ignores orders that would cancel his ultimate within the first 0.5 seconds of Idol of Durand

- Visual indicator where he is ulting similar to Ashe, Ezreal, and Ziggs ultimate
- Total bonus gold gained from Parrrley shown

- Buff timer showing how long until Perseverance re-activates after taking damage
- Perseverance also shows 0.5% of his life as a number
- Judgement can be stopped by casting Demacian Justice; or Demacian Justice instantly casts after Judgement ends (similar to Decisive Strike)

- Show in innate passive tool tip what 2% of his maximum health is that heals
- Buff timer showing remaining duration on barrel before it automatically explodes
- Fix Innate Passive tool tip sometimes displaying other buffs when Gragas dies

- Clicking Q after casting Barrel Roll will detonate it immediately when it lands (0.2s delay as to prevent unwanted auto detonates)

- Smoke Screen can sometimes cause lag

- Timer on when next turret will be available
- Concussion Grenades under Upgrade!!! no longer move faster, but instead stun in the entire AoE instead of just the center
- Turrets continue to fire a few seconds after Heimer dies (lose 33% of their max health a second?)
- Improved targeting radius for Concussion Grenades by showing the area that stuns (similar to Leona's ultimate)
- Upgrade!!! no longer pauses Heimerdinger and removes his current commands

- Hiten Style resets auto-attack animation to prevent wasted buff time
- Bladesurge refreshes mana and cooldown if the dashed target dies before the skill hits

- Visual indicator showing allies which way Howling Gale will travel
- Increased speed of auto-attack particle

Jarvan IV
- Terrain created by Cataclysm can no longer be passed by skills that do not normally go over terrain (e.g. Vayne's Tumble)
- Improved Cataclysm terrain to prevent Champions from occasionally walking out of it randomly
- Visual indicator of Demacian Standard's range
- Demacian Standard gives him a buff timer for its remaining duration

- Buff timer showing how long until Counterstrike will automatically stun
- Counter for when his ultimate will hit
- Counter on Counterstrike buff indicating how many attacks you've dodged
- Ultimate tool tip reworded to show how much you actually gain from your stats (instead of having to subtract to find total)




- Timer on how long you have left until you can not cast your ultimate when dead
- Buff to let you know that your Defile is on and how many seconds it has been activated for
- Range indicator on explosion of Q to show Lay Waste's effect size

- Lay Waste is no longer forced smart cast only

- Defile's AoE particles disperse faster when the skill is turned off

- Rift Walk dynamically shows increased mana cost and damage of next use (on buff too)

- Improved range indicator for Bouncing Blades to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)
- Bouncing Blades will continue to bounce on targets outside of vision

- Righteous Fury resets auto attack animation
- While in the middle of an attack animation when Righteous Fury ends, Kayle will still make a ranged attack
- Increase duration of ultimate to a flat number (2.5 or 3 seconds) so players can get used to how long it lasts

- Electric Surge charges when attacking a tower (to keep consistency with similar effects like Caitlyn's and Fiora's passive)
- Mark of the Storm tool tip states how long the duration of the stun and the reduced effect for further stuns
- Visual indicator when Mark of the Storm is about to expire on a target

- Bio-Arcane Barrage
resets auto-attack animation to prevent wasted buff time
- Current ultimate mana cost is shown in tool tip and buff timer indicating increased mana cost
- Bio-Arcane Barrage shows fractions of % gained by AP

- Mirror Image should automatically copy her actions (to remove the need for ALT + control mechanism that is extremely counter-intuitive); possibly give her passive something more to compensate for lack of true control
- Mirror Image
model retains all buff animations and looks essentially the same as the real LeBlanc
- Buff timer for remaining duration of current Mirror Image
- Graphical indicator to show when Ethereal Chains is about to break
- Ability to return to any recently cast Distortion; both from normal Distortion and from Mimic Distortion
- Mimic does more than simply increase damage; increase silence duration on Sigil of Silence, increased range on Distortion, and ensnare duration or range on Ethereal Chains

Lee Sin
- Shows remaining duration left to activate the secondary skill
- Fixed Q sometimes shooting through immediately adjacent targets

- Improved animation to match Zenith Blade's actual hit range
- Leona automatically focuses the target hit by Zenith Blade after she travels
- Sunlight can be activated by Leona but at reduced bonus damage (to encourage but not force her to lane with someone else) (or something "selfish" to her passive)
- Sound effect plays when Zenith Blade hits a Champion

- Help, Pix! focuses Champions over minions; priority to lowest health Champions

- Prismatic Barrier can be cast without interrupt moving; animation plays but allows for walking like Jax's Counterstrike animation
- Lux gains vision of targets under the effects of Illumination
- Clicking E after casting Lucent Singularity will detonate it immediately when it lands (0.2s delay as to prevent unwanted auto detonates)
- Different sounds plays when Light Binding snares a Champion
- Improved team color visibility on Lux's skills
- Range indicator on mini-map for Finales Funkeln
- Improved particles width for Light Binding and Finales Funkeln to match hit box
- Improved targeting reticle for her ultimate to show the width and path better
- Ultimate displays a graphic on the mini-map when cast; similar to Ashe's Arrow, Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage, and Zigg's Mega Inferno Bomb

- Duration left until innate passive re-activates
- Brutal Strikes shows how much bonus damage it does

- Increased (0.25s) delay on being able to break ultimate by right clicking to move
- Ability to cancel ultimate by re-casting, with a short delay to prevent accidentally double-tapping
- Sound if ultimate is broken before full channeling
- Improved range indicator for Malefic Visions to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)
- Ultimate does half damage up front and half over time; to prevent a will timed QSS or disable from completely negating his entire ultimate
- Null Zone tool tip shows damage cap on minions

- Buff placer for how many seconds ultimate has been active
- When ult ends, if mana display on HUD is activated, show total mana cost
- Critical number showing how much damage was prevented when it ends
- Better detection when using W so it doesn't fail when losing vision or reset jungle
- Sapplings slowly change color or are selectable with a timer to indicate how close they are to expiring

Master Yi
- Meditate costs significantly less mana, but costs mana per second to maintain
- Fix bug where losing vision while Alpha Striking can cause problems (give vision briefly to people he Q's?)
- Yi automatically focuses the first target of Alpha Strike when the animation ends
- Highlander prevents attack speed reduction in addition to movement speed reduction (the tool tip simply says it makes "him immune to all slowing effects&quot
Improved range indicator for Alpha Strike to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)

Miss Fortune
- Buff shows number of seconds until innate passive is ready
- Ultimate tool tip better explains how much damage it does by saying how many waves it shoots and its damage per second
- Improved range indicator for Double Up to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)

- Ability to control soul created by ultimate by using 'R' similar to Viktor's ult controls
- Ultimate soul automatically attacks the closest enemy Champion when created

- Sound when Black Shield breaks by spell vs natural expire
- Black Shield should not prevent effects from physical attacks that have no hope of removing the shield (e.g. Renekton's Ruthless Predator)


- Depth Charge continues to travel to the target after Nautilus's death

- Javelin Toss hit box should match particle better
- Shows cooldown of other transformation skills
- Cougar form's attack range is increased to 125 from 100 to match other melee ranges
- Pounce travels where the mouse is located similar to Vayne's Tumble; possibly increase cooldown on Pounce to 4 seconds from 3.5 seconds to compensate for increased control
- Javelin Toss tool tip also shows maximum damage number

- Buff shows number of seconds until innate passive is ready
- Innate passive tool tip shows how much damage it deals

- Sound when Absolute Zero breaks before full channel
- Better visual indicator for the actual range on Absolute Zero
- Absolute Zero's graphic shows through brush
- Absolute Zero damage scaling improved to 90% if broken before completion up from 70%- Visionary gains 2 charges when Nunu attacks a Champion (similar to Taric's Q)
- Blood Boil can no longer be cast on non-siege and non-super minions; prevents accidental clicking on minions but still allows increased speed on the better minions


- When Orianna reaches the max range from the Ball and it snaps back onto her and plays a special sound
- Increase range of Q by 25 similar to other recent AoE changes
- Show AoE of 'W' and 'R' on the ball

- Different graphic for pre-drop and during drop notification for allies
- Aegis Protection blocks damage from large jungle mobs (big wraith, big wolf)
Visual indicator where he is ulting similar to Ashe, Ezreal, and Ziggs ultimate
- After using Heartseeker Strike he gains a short movement speed bonus (to catch up and making HSS more likely to be used on a single target as opposed to almost never)
- Improved animation when falling from Grand Skyfall instead of simply appearing

- Improved sound effect when she successfully stuns
- Better graphic to let non-targeted enemies know they can't damage her when her ultimate is active
- Attack-move targets closest enemy Champion when Q is active
- Lower mana costs on skills to compensate for Poppy's weak early game

- Graphical circle to show AoE on ultimate during use similar to Amumu's tears
- Powerball's icon changes while Defensive Ball Curl is activated, to reduce the chance of accidentally canceling Defensive Ball Curl

- Attack-move targets closest enemy Champion when Ruthless Predator is active
- Animation lock after using Ruthless Predator is reduced

- Q always goes where cursor is instead of only when over an enemy to match her Dash
- Dash does not stop Riven's current movement
- Dash goes over hills / through walls to match other dashes like Shen, Renekton, Graves; or update skill description to clarify it does not go over terrain

- Improved visual effect showing for Flamespitter's range
- More distinctive particle effects when skills are used in the Danger Zone
- Heat gauge HUD icon is broken into 4 parts instead of 2

Improved range indicator for Spell Flux to show bounce range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)
- Fix tool tip on Q to show how much total damage it does without having to add the values

- Arctic Assault knocks minions up, instead of away (so Northern Winds is still in range to hit them)
- Improved ranged indicator for Glacial Prison showing the AoE range

- Ability to control Hallucinate by using 'R' similar to Viktor's ult controls
- Buff showing the time left on Hallucinate, possibly with a 3-2-1 countdown for allies when it will end similar to Zilean's Time Bomb
- Hallucinate model retains all buff animations and looks essentially the same as the real Shaco
- Hallucinate explodes after it has been knocked back from skills such as Alistar's Headbutt and Vayne's Condemn to promote ally counter play

- Ability to cancel his ultimate by hitting R again after a short delay (0.2s)


- Poison trail is more distinct in shape and easier to tell where it is and when it has expired
- Improved color for color-blind mode
- Passive shows how much bonus life he has from mana

- Show total health gain from E

- No longer pauses when casting her ultimate

- Better visual indicator when an enemy is hit by Q to know that another Q will slow

- Attack-move with Power Cord targets the closest enemy Champion
- Her W heal never prioritizes summons (e.g. Shaco's clone, Morde's ult soul) unless it is the only valid choice

- Infuse can no longer be cast on a friendly minion
- Increased speed of auto-attack particle
- Can no longer cast Infuse on an ally who has no mana pool or is at maximum mana

- Buff placer for how many seconds ultimate has been active
- When ult ends, if mana display on HUD is activated, show total mana cost
- Decreased mana cost on ultimate to compensate for Blue buff nerf
- When Nevermove hits a target in fog of war it shows the claw particle without vision

- Noxian Diplomacy causes bleed damage over time on minions in addition to Champions

- Clipping issues with his cape and gem particles

- Fix poison DoT resetting if attacking faster than poison tick

- Rapid Fire resets attack animation to maximize attack speed boost instead of wasting part before it activates
- When she uses Rocket Jump her model location matches her hit box location
- Right clicking on Explosive Shot turns the passive ability on and off
- Draw a Bead shows both the increased range and Tristana's current total range
- Explosive Shot active range is equal to Tristana's current attack range; similar to the change with Miss Fortune's Double Up

- Buff that shows duration left on Contaminate and Pillar of Filth
- Rabid Bite should not be removed if he attacks while blinded
- Fix Rabid Bite decreasing his total DPS over a certain attack speed
- Faster cast animation that sometimes results in missing attacks
- Ability to re-cast Pillar of Filth to remove it, in cases where you trap allies accidentally

- Undying Rage has a 3-2-1 countdown over Tryndamere for allies to see
- Spinning Slash doesn't remove current move action
- Spinning Splash tool tip explains how it gives Fury

Twisted Fate
- Attack-move with Pick-a-Card targets the closest enemy Champion
- Total bonus gold gained from Loaded Dice shown (buff shows individual Champion and passive tool tip shows total)
- Ability to turn "Stacked Deck" off; it still generates charges but doesn't do the bonus damage until re-activated
- Targeting radius for Wild Cards shows the path for each card (similar to Lulu's Q)
Visual indicator where he is ulting similar to Ashe, Ezreal, and Ziggs ultimate
- Pick A Card (Blue) tool tip shows total mana gained


- Additional skill point at level 11 (?) and 16 (?) so he can max out all skills; lower other values to compensate?
- Counter for Phoenix's charges
- Skill tool tips state how long until the stance buff is removed

- Buff on self when you get lock-on to an enemy Champion letting you know how long until it expires

- Improved visual effects for his ultimate to better match its hit box and to indicate the spreading snare
- Sound effect if his ultimate hits an enemy Champion

- Visual indicator that shows when Silver Bolts is about to end
- Condemn keeps her current action; that is if she was attacking a Champion, she keeps attacking the same Champion after Condemn is cast or if she was running, she continues running in the same direction after Condemn is cast

- Better graphical notification for allies where Dark Matter will hit
- Dashes over Event Horizon are normalized instead of sometimes stunning and sometimes not
- Baleful Strike gives bonus AP on assists as well as kills to reduce intentional kill stealing to gain AP

- When Chaos Storm first lands, it has a better particle effect to show the hit like Annie's Tibbers
- Increase width of Lazer and/or fix the targeting width to match actual width
- Upgraded Hex Core stats should be increased to a typical end-game item (4 or 5 AP per level)
- Upgraded Hex Core improved to give some active ability (?)
- Ability to sell an upgraded Hex Core to return to the basic Hex Core item; possibly sell for near 100% value so swapping Core types for the situation is not overly detrimental
- Augmented Death Ray tool tip (item and skill) shows the 30% bonus damage number

- Sanguine Pool no longer removes aura effects
- Auto-attack particle speed increased

- Majestic Roar can no longer be used unless a valid enemy target is in range

- Sound when Infinite Duress is broken before full duration

- Minions already attacking Wukong shift focus to Decoy when cast
- Decoy follows Wukong's current move path (think Phantom Lancer's Doppelwalk)
- Decoy
model retains all buff animations and looks essentially the same as the real Wukong
- Decoy carries over stun markers (e.g. will not be re-stunned from Veigar's Event Horizon when made after the real Wukong has been stunned)

- Right click to move and cancel his W
- Range indicator on skills shows normal range and Locus of Power range together

Xin Zhao

- Counter for Xin's passive activation
- Audacious Charge gains an AD ratio in addition to the AP ratio (to keep Sheen/Trinity's AP gain feeling good)
- Audacious Charge mana cost reduced to 60 mana from 70 mana (comparable to Fiora's Lunge)
- Crescent Sweep reduces enemy armor and magic resist by the same amount it gives (7/10/13)

- Ability to control revenant by using 'R' similar to Viktor's ult controls

- Tool tip for Q explains the farther you throw, the farther it bounces
- Better Detonation Pack radius graphic for user and allies

- Swap icons for Rewind and Time Warp (Rewind icon is used as speed boost icon in many other things)
- Prohibited from using Rewind unless a skill is on cooldown to avoid accidentally using it
- Gives assist if Time Bomb was placed on target before they died
- Improved range indicator for Time Bomb to show explosion range from initial target (similar to Brand's E)

- Improving particle effects for his ultimate making it easier to read for allies and enemies



More in next post

Note: I'll update this list with other suggestions that are popular and/or make logical sense.

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Continued from previous post



- Consumable items show their number of stacks in tool tip when mousing over

- Shows total AP gained through mana
- Cooldown on item showing when casting will give bonus mana

Atma's Impaler
- Shows total AD gained through life

Avarice Blade
- Additional upgrade path outside of Ghostblade

Banshee's Veil
- Shows duration until shield is back

Bilgewater Cutlass
- Additional upgrade path outside of Hextech Gunblade

- Gains bonus charges for assisting/killing enemy Champions

Boots of Mobility
- Cooldown timer indicating when the bonus move speed will activate; possibly on the item itself

- Additional upgrade path outside of Ghostblade

Executioner's Calling
- Upgrades into a new item (possibly combined with Cutlass?)

Lich Bane

- Cooldown on item showing when casting will give Lich Bane proc
- Tool tip / buff indicates the bonus damage it will deal

- Stinger added as the per-requesite over two daggers
- Increased stats and cost as needed

- Shows total bonus AD gained from mana

Odyn's Veil
- Buff shows how much magic damage it has absorbed

- Shows total AP bonus gained by 30% bonus

- Cooldown on item showing when casting will give Sheen proc
- Tool tip / buff indicates the bonus damage it will deal

Sunfire Cape
- Right clicking will disable the AoE damage; grays out the icon while disabled

Tear of the Goddess
Cooldown on item showing when casting will give bonus mana

Trinity Force
- Cooldown on item showing when casting will give Improved Sheen proc

- Tool tip / buff indicates the bonus damage it will deal

- Buff or HUD channel bar shows remaining stasis duration

- Show vision radius when selected to place

- Show what stats will gain for current level before consuming
- Buff shows what stats were gained for level at consumption
- Oracles Elixir eye particle shows above models to prevent blocking


*Other*: (These are currently partially organized -- still working on them)


In-game Improvements:

- All icons are unique to reduce confusion (e.g. Tenacity is not the same as Vorpal Spikes)

- Ground rupture graphic more distinct and easier to see
- Buff shows value of stats gained

- Wolves no longer crit (to limit chances of randomly weakening the jungler over another)

Summoned Creatures
- Consistency on summons persisting after death

- Normalize what skills activated in brush can and can not be seen outside of brush

- Better visual indicator or animation that a ward is dying

- Have them originate from the center of the character, so skills won't randomly miss when jungling or casting to directly adjacent enemies

Game Engine
- Attack speeds can dynamically adjust with current attack animations; that is if someone starts an attack animation at the last 0.1 seconds of Wither the entire attack is not slowed, instead only that last 0.1 second of the attack is slowed (this can create weird instances where not attacking for 0.1 more seconds would have been more beneficial than simply attacking)
- Targeted attacks and spell projectiles grant assists if launched before the target dies

Smart-Cast With Radius
- Option for 'Smart-Cast with Radius' for each skill instead of all or nothing
- Range only shows up after holding button for 0.2 seconds (to prevent radius showing up when you plan to simply click and instant release)

- New "critical numbers" option that shows special numbers like bonus damage gained from Vlad's ultimate when it ends
- Shield numbers; when a shield goes up it shows how much it will shield similar to a heal
- Shield numbers; show on life bar how much of a shield is left
- Ally portraits on left side show remaining time on ultimate and cooldown on Summoner abilities like the one used in spectator mode
- Option to show auto-attack range when you use 'A' or 'X'
- Option to have your Champion always outlined with a color to easier find your Champion in chaotic team fights
- Option to remove forced screen movement (such as when respawning or finishing blue pill / recall)
- New ping that signals "MIA"
- Health regen and mana regen numbers on the health bar and mana bar are always present even when at max health or mana
- Health regen and mana regen numbers are visible on selected enemy's bars, as math
could technically indicate their regen rate
Tenacity tool tip shows current total Tenacity (combination of items and skills)
- Ability to select an allies portrait icon on the left side of the screen for their stats even if they are dead
- Items update their stats, such as wards time indicator, when selected and not currently on screen
- Display only fades when your Champion is dead, does not become completely black and white (allows dead allies to still identify characteristics by color, such as green vs pink wards)
- Using Alert Ping on yourself indicates that you want allies to "Cover me"
- Using Retreat Ping on yourself indicates that you are "Falling back"

- Fix buffs and debuffs having the incorrect borders (Time Warp from allies has a red border, Abyssal from enemies has a green border, etc.)
- Fix the "click on Shop to purchase" taking priority over the escape Menu
- Cooldowns on activatable items owned by allies are visible when their Champion is selected

- Notification mark to indicate when an opponent is worth more or less gold from dominating or dying excessively; mark indicates the bonus

- Consumables display their stack amount
- Cooldowns on activatable items owned by allies are visible on the scoreboard display

Death Recap
- Icon indicating damage from Blessing of the Lizard Elder
- Twisted Fate's Pick a Card indicates what card was used, or is grey (as it is currently) if multiple cards were used

Summoner Spells
- Ignite can not be used on normal enemy minions (melee and ranged), but can still be used on jungle minions, siege minions, and super minions
- Cleanse can only be cast if suffering from a de-buff or something that can be cleansed
- Cleanse can be used to stop pulls, such as Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, leaving you where you interrupted the pull
- Clarity gives Energy (more to primary caster, like 50, and less to nearby, like 25) and gives Cooldown Reduction for 3 seconds
- Surge gives cooldown reduction (designed to give a AD casters a reason to use it and make it a more attractive option)

- When Teleport is used it displays a notification for allies on the mini-map

Ignore / Mute
- Muting / ignoring a player also disables the emote sounds

- Ability to set a toggle that allows only selecting Champions (enemy and ally)
- Smart-cast option to hold down a skill key and have the skill instantly and automatically cast at cursor when the cooldown is finished

- Keeps Chat Box visibility settings between games
- Ability to move Champion stat info box from bottom left to upper left and upper right corners
- Ability to click on character's info box to get a full stat break down (cooldowns, spell vamp, life steal, hp regen, mana regen, etc)
- Ability to move Champions in the bottom mid info box to match Champions up to easier compare stats
- Fix bugs not showing cooldown on side bar stats (for Summoner Spells and sometimes ultimates)

- Sound when Recall is broken even if not currently on the screen
- Recall icon shows that it is being cast as the channel bar sometimes gets covered up from the shop
- Blue ring displays around allies on the mini-map when they are using Recall

- Something indicating what "1000" range is so users have a better idea of what movement speed, attack range, and ability range numbers mean

- Ability to sell your item for full value for a few seconds if you do not leave the item shop window; auras from items would not activate until you leave the shop window
- Items selected in the shop window while not in range can be sold without re-clicking once in range

- Innate passives with status information in buffs (e.g. Ahri, Annie, Ashe, etc) are now also shown on the passive itself in order to be easily tracked among a large number of buff icons (this applies to: Ahri, Alistar, Anivia, Annie, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Fiora, Garen, Gragas, Graves, Irelia, Jax, Karthus, Leblanc, Lee Sin, Malphite, Malzahar, Maokai, Master Yi, Miss Fortune, Nidalee, Nocturne, Nunu, Pantheon, Riven, Shen, Sivir, Sona, Teemo, Udyr, Vayne, Volibear, Wukong, Xin Zhao, Yorick, Ziggs) :
"- Champs that place stacks/debuffs on enemies would not benefit, despite the obvious stacking nature of their passive (e.g. Gangplank).
- Champs with passives on cooldowns and counters need this the most and obviously, but even Alistar can benefit from having it brighten and decay over the Trample duration.
- Vayne's passive icon could be dull (like spells with no targets in range, e.g. Starcall) and then brighten up when its enhancing MS.
-As a general rule, passives that are ready to use could have a slight glow-y border. Sona's should glow the color of the corresponding proc.
-Yorick/Irelia/Wukong would just display the # of ghouls/enemy champs active/within range."

- What Champions gain MR/level; most melee do but a select few (Cho'gath, Galio, Gragas, Maokai, Poppy, Rammus, Shen, Singed) do not for no rhyme or reason (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions%27_magic_resistance (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/redirect.php?do=verify&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fleagueoflegends.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FList_of_champions%2527_magic_resistance))
- Auto-attack modifiers sometimes working on towers (innate: Caitlyn, Graves, Fiora, Jax, Yi, Xin, Noct, Pantheon, Nunu, Shyvana W/R
; skills: Xin's W, Poppy's W, Taric's Q, Udyr's R, Volibear's W) and sometimes not (innate: Shen, Skarner, Renekton, Orianna, Shyvana Q, and Renekton / Tryndamere which both don't gain Fury but stops its decay, while Shyvana gains Fury; skills: Kennen's W, Fiora's E, Twisted Fate's E)

- Nexus Obelisk deals damage to invulnerable targets; such as caused by Poppy's and Kayle's ultimate

Proving Grounds
- Nexus Obelisk deals damage to invulnerable targets; such as caused by Poppy's and Kayle's ultimate

Twisted Treeline
- A lot.


Out-of-Game Improvements:

Masteries / Runes
- Bladed Armor no longer can kill Ancient Golem or Elder Lizard (thus stealing the buff you might be giving to an ally)
- Ability to re-arrange the order of Rune Pages and Mastery Pages
- Remove number rounding and show the actual result
- Scout increases vision range of wards by 10% from 5% (rarely actually taken); or Scout increases duration of wards by 5%

IP/XP Per Win Bonus
- The ability to turn it on or off so it isn't automatically used by playing Co-Op games, but people still have the option of using it for Co-Op games

Post Game Screen
- Have a statistic for total gold gained through gp/5 items and runes

PVP.net Client
- Ability to see current ping and latency with Riot servers
- Increased penalty for dodging Draft Normal (longer time involved in banning / picking should mean increased penalty)
- Hosts that skip all 3 bans are kicked for being AFK instead of waiting until after everyone has selected Champions (still potentially viable, but less likely due to the new AFK detection system)
- When given invitation rights in "Arranging Team..." you are able to right click to invite someone from chat rooms like the host
- Bot names are sorted alphabetically when adding a bot to a Custom Match
- Re-classify all the Champion tags (e.g. Udyr, Nautilus, Nocturne not listed as a jungler)
- Ranked Stats include percentage statistics, such as win % and kill ratios
- Custom Games remember the settings for last created map and game type

- Notification when someone accepts your Friend Request
- Friend list option to notify you went a certain friend logs online

- Redirects to last visited page when you log-in to your account
- Button to go to the "Last Red Post" in addition to "First Red Post"

Note: I'll update this list with other suggestions that are popular and/or make logical sense.

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Suggested Balance Changes: (More to come and some from above to be merged with this)

Ezreal: (Stats compared to ranged AD with escape mechanisms: Corki, Caitlyn, Graves, Tristana)
- Health to 375 from 350 (vs. Corki 375, Caitlyn 390, Graves 410, Tristana 415)
- Health per level to 82 from 80
(vs. Corki 82, Caitlyn 80, Graves 84, Tristana 82)
- Armor to 13 from 11
(vs. Corki 13.5, Caitlyn 13, Graves 15, Tristana 15)

(Stats compared to similar Champions: Malzahar, Swain, Veigar)
- Dark Wind cooldown decreased by 1 second (15/14/13/12/11 to 14/13/12/11/10)
(Compared to Swain's Nevermove CD)
- Innate Passive scales with level: 10 (level 1), 15 (level 7), 20 (level 13)
(Helps him mid/late game when Fiddlesticks tends to fall off without his ult)
- Base attack damage increased slightly to 49 from 45.95
(Veigar's 48.3, Swain's 49, Malzahar's 51.66)
- Attack gain increased slightly to +3 from +2.625
(Swain's +3, Malzahar's +3)
- Base armor increased to 13 from 11
(Swain's 12, Malzahar's 15)
- Base mana decreased to 250 from 251.
(Just weird for no reason?)
- Mana per level increased to +60 from +59.
(Just weird for no reason? It effectively gives him the same starting mana and a total of 17 more mana at the end of the game)

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Senior Member


I would love so many of these.

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Senior Member


Leona's e animation/hit predictor is off. The tip of the sword will appear to hit a champion, but she wont rush forward. It make's it hard to aim correctly.

Edit: YES! Fixed two days later in hercarim patch

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Ezreal: Reductions on mana costs, width on W, higher AP ratios (already mentioned by Ezreal, but..)

Trying to stay away from pure buffs. I only mentioned the better stats on Ezreal because there is no reason why he has lower stats when other ranged DPS have just as much mobility. I was hesitant to even mention that though.

Leona's e animation/hit predictor is off. The tip of the sword will appear to hit a champion, but she wont rush forward. It make's it hard to aim correctly.

Ah yes, I forgot about that one. Added it. Thanks.

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wow these are very nice


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People who are reported should be put in a lower-priority matchmaking queue so they can ruin each-other's games.

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Strap a cone to the end of Graves' ult indicator.

A freakin' range indicator on Absolute Zero.

Xerath's W indicator showing his shortest range, so I know Mage Chains will work before activation.

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Chairman Mao

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gragas does that already