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Break away from your normal builds!

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inFe eD

Senior Member


Yes, I agree so much with this thread.

The problem for many champs is that their core items (items that are more or less required) are very expensive meaning counterbuilding is difficult until about level 10-11.

For Riven, for example, Entropy is core on Dominion, which includes a BF Sword. That's a big hunk of gold to save, even on Dominion.

Still, last game I built entropy and rather than going straight for other core items counterbuilt to their team (LW/Warden's Mail/MoM) and was pretty effective. None of those items are by any means core.
I will castigate the next person who tells me Entropy is core on Riven.

On-topic, excellent posts from the OP. Counterbuilding effectively requires you to think on your feet and adapt your item build from game to game, which not everyone can do. Sticking to the same cookie-cutter build only works on a very small selection of champions, most of whom are blatantly overpowered anyway, while being flexible makes you a far more effective player. Items that have active toggles, in particular, are horribly underused.

Except for Entropy, because wow is that item bad.