We NEED to Be Able to Report Someone in Champ Select

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The Lexer

Senior Member


OK. So I dodge this game because of this person, but he really should be reported.


The Lexer: mid pls
Person 1: suppp
Bad Person: bronzie top lost lane all the time
Bad Person: adc build bt -_-
Person 2: i can top
Bad Person: mid feed
Bad Person: and jg never gank
Bad Person: surrend at 20 pls
Person 3: mid
Bad Person: you need to top its because you always lost your lane
Bad Person: oo mid lane you feed too much
Person 1: just stop
Bad Person: no
Bad Person: jax open gj
Bad Person: and i never gank you

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Junior Member


I agree. I have to wait like 25 minutes now because I have been forced to leave during champ select. I was adc and I called it and then with 3 seconds left these two trolls switched to adc and locked and said "trio bot"! I hate the league of legends community. Also get tribunal to work. I am tired of it being in recess every time I try to go on.