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Could this please be fixed?

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I went I believe 16-5 as Jarvan in a 3v3. (can't remember)
We're pushing to the enemy team's nexus turret, but they all decide to aggro creeps to the stairs of the pool and farm for 83 minutes into the game.
They all get full build including my teamates and it's impossible to get to the nexus turret because of the cc they had.
Then Xin on the other team decided to push because our rumble was afk and won the game.

This isn't the first time the enemy team has pulled that but i lost games because of it.

Wish it could be fixed for that not to happen.

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could you please accept the summoners code

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CC heavy team held you at bay, then you lost because one member went AFK? What's to fix...?

Yes, turtling on TT is a little broken, but if your team has no CC, or you haven't found a way to counter theirs (and at 83 minutes, I should hope you've had time to realise you need BV or QSS..), then I'm sorry to say, the fault is your own.