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How to counter Akali?

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First: never feed her or it will faceroll your game even if your team is ahead of 10 kills.

Lane tips. level 1-6 harass her to the max. When she bubble just step back and wait for the bubble to expire. Immediately after attack her with all of your skills, she will have no way to defend against heavy burst or to trade vs you, if you are correctly settled for top lane.
This way you should have enough advantage when she reach level 6 to survive her burst (you should have your ult before her plus one or to hp/mr items in your bag.

On top lane: Build hp/mr items and when she hit 6 go back to full your life, buy a pink.
When you will be back in lane she will 100% try to burst you down. When she does it pink and trade if she smoke you will be able to hit her, your hp, mr should sustain you enough to absorb her burst. At this time you got her. No more escape, no more damage.
Best items vs her are Phage, hexdrinker, banshee's vale (for the hp+mr combination), Warmog.

On mid lane: she's very poor at trading vs pure ap carry, you most of the time cc/outrange her. As the top lane, again, trade AFTER the smoke screen go down. To force her to use it spam your lowest mana consume skill or cd (if you are not mana dependant) to constantly harass her.

If you feed her at level 5, you are doomed. Call immediately for help or babysit. One kill to recover her kill will not be enough.

Tip for your team: never engage akali 1v1 unless you got an oracle and are full hp and your ult is up.