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Why don't more teams go no jungle?

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first world low elo problems

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This is a honest question. I'm am sure we have all had those games in Normal where you end up having no jungle and two people go top. In most games I have noticed however, that doing this almost always ends with the enemy solo getting no cs and being severely underleveled if one of the champions is a good zoner (like teemo or other ranged) and the other champion is a good last hitter. If the top is getting beat too hard, often the jungle will be forced to lane with them, to try and prevent their top from getting dove at tower over and over.

So again, why don't more formal 5v5 teams go no jungle? I understand that there is less dragon control and buff control (though the dual top lane can still have whichever buff is next to them), but it seems the pros of completely gimping an enemy champion outweighs the cons.

1. No jungle means no surprise ganks (team calls mia there goes your gank).
2. Jungling means you virtually have two solo lanes and one semi-solo lane (jungle). Solo lanes get a lot of experience.
3. 2v1 in solo top is not that hard even for a bruiser. Bruisers typically have a good amount of sustain and are naturally tanky. If it's 2v1 it's just last hitting by the tower but getting full experience. When that high level bruiser and possibly high level jungler comes to gank top lane, the two underleveled guys on top can easily die because they are way overextended.
4. Junglers can give blue buff to AP mid carry and red buff to AD ranged carry. They can also steal your blue and red buffs if you have no jungler.
5. No jungle means easy dragon for the opponent.
6. Mid and bottom lanes will probably lose if you don't have a jungle because of ganks.
7. Junglers can hold a lane for anyone who needs to go back to base or anyone who dies.

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You level much faster if you lane solo.

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Sir KickBan

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If you're running two champions top lane, your opponent can sit under their tower and farm all day, and because they're solo they'll be leveling faster than you. They'll likely coordinate with their jungler, so as soon as they hit level six he comes in to gank you. 2 level 6 champions who are probably at almost full health from either playing defensively or being the jungler, vs 2 level 5 champions who may have taken harassment or tower damage is a pretty one-sided fight. Once the solo laner starts to get fed it's pretty much over, either they'll out-sustain, out-harass or out-tank both of you.

I usually play Warwick top, when it's 2v1 I do just that, farm under my tower. Warwick is godawful at that, but I still almost always out-CS two champions who are competing with eachother for the creeps. Whenever the jungler comes by, it's basically a free kill because they're always overextended.

The only duo top lanes I've seen work with any regularity are basically kill lanes transplanted from the bot-lane meta. A comp that take you from 100-0 under your tower early and just snowballs from there. Things like Volibear-Draven or Blitz-Anybody.

Edit: come to think of it, I've actually seen more dual-jungle teams win than dual-top.