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Archangel staff.

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I will try to post in a way close to the template D:

1. Logged into game as Karthus
2. Built the godess tear
3. completed archangel staff
4. at minute 35 it was obvious we couldn't win, and my team refused to surrender, so I sat in the resurection tablet spaming lay to waste so I could see how fast my ap went up from archangel staff.
5. My maximum mana stopped going up after a while, this wasn't affected by the items cooldown.

The goddess tear DOES say it has a cap at 600, but the archangel staff gives the impression it doesn't have a cap.

would I report unrelated bugs in this thread aswell, or do I need to creat a new thread. I just don't want to spam you guys forums.

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Associate Producer


Thanks for the post! The cap from tear of the goddess transfers to archangel's staff. We should probably fix the description of archangel's staff to state that.
Feel free to report multiple bugs in a thread or create a new thread. We read through the posts, so we'll see them either way. For tracking purposes, it is easier for us if it is a separate thread, but either way is fine.

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Heat n Serve

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Tear of the goddess says it caps at 600 bonus mana. The attached image I have shows that my total mana here is 3893. By subtracting off Karthus' base mana, mana per level, and static mana from items, I am left with 500.

It would appear that I am only getting 500 bonus mana from my archangel staff, and I highly doubt that it was because I hadn't casted enough spells to get to the supposed hard-cap of 600.

Either the tooltip for the hard-cap is wrong, or it is very likely that the bonus counter stops prematurely at 500 instead of 600. It's worth checking, at least.

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Semi-related question:

Does a newly built Archangel's get the mana charges already on the Tear used to create it?