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AD carry Pref seeking Duo partner or team

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Hello! I'm currently seeking like minded and skilled player(s) to Duo queue/team with for ranked. I am mature and easy going and looking for the same. I have almost every champion, especially core role champions and almost all AD champions except Caitlyn. My current rating is 1213, while my top rating was 1430.

I can play any role, and adept decently. I try to focus on counter picking the lane, confusing the draft with multi-location champions, and counter picking the enemy team as a whole.

Favorite solo tops: Renekton, Irelia, Gangplank OR Vladmir, AD Ken, AP Ken
Favorite jungles: Udyr, Udyr, Udyr, Gangplank, Lee Sin
Favorite AP carry: LeBlanc, Vladmir, AP Ken, Karthus, Galio, Morde
Favorite supports: Janna, Sona, Soraka, Blitzcrank
Favorite AD carry: Ezreal, AD Ken, Tristana, Miss Fortune

If interested in Duo queue, please leave the following information and I'll get back to you in game. If interested in picking me up for a team, please contact me in game. I am interested in mastering any role, though I've grown to love AD carry the most.

Name: Evan
Screen Name: Wrathofrecca
Age: 27
Location/timezone: Eastern
Highest ELO/Lowest Elo(S1 and S2): 1430/1216 (S2 only)
Competitive game experience: 78/72 played
Best AD champs : AD Ken
What you offer besides skill and cs to the team: I have great synergy in bottom lane and typically do quite well during the laning phase. I love learning the draft mode and offering tips on counter picking lanes or matches. I also bring a competitive but fun attitude to the game.
If you were an animal what would you be: A hawk. Kah KAW. You know you're screwed : )