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Looking for Support player

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Hello. So I am trying to put together a team. All roles so far have been filled except for the support role.

A little about us is we are all fairly good players (myself being the least experienced in League).
None of us have played ranked YET, (except for our AD) though we hope to soon start playing after we find someone who can consistently support, and is willing to play normal drafts with us before we move on to ranked.
The team is not yet named, but we don't feel its super important until we are ready to rank and, of course have all set team members.

We are all serious about playing and want to play competitively, as well as have fun and stick together as a team.
Feel free to ask more questions (I know this post is somewhat vague) and all I ask is that when you apply, you respond in either a post with these questions answered. I will then add you on league to speak with you more.

Summoner Name:
If you make the team, would you be able to play between the hours of 6pm-Midnight Eastern time?:
Would you be willing to dedicate at least 3 or more days a week to playing with the team?:
Hours a week you spend solo/duo queue (ranked or normals):
Which are your best/most played champions?:
What is your secondary role?: