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Im looking for a clan/ team

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GFX Lampost

Junior Member


ive been 30 for a while now not done much ranked but id have to say im fairly well, just customized a new computer cause my old one broke and i didnt have enough for a mic.

Best champ: Jax
Role: flexible top

i want to start working with people rather than just randoms if some ones interested or have a suggestion im all ears, or eyes as the case is.
send me a request im on alot.

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Senior Member


Hey man, hit me up in game I play a lot of normals with friends and play some ranked 5's every once in a while. But also, since i'm only on during the weekends, you should check out, http://www.dirtnapgaming.com, it is a community of players that just enjoy playing the game and making everybody a better player. We have a thread on front page i think or just check out site and apply . PM in game if yah wanna play or have questions