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Might be a possible hack!

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I already posted the same mail to Riot Games. The same i am posting here for summoners comment who are active on Lol Forums

I came across this strange thing happen to me so i decided to tell you about this. I was playing with Nautilus as usual and laning against vayne from the enemy team. His name was johnnythegunner. Every time during a fight with him my W i.e., my shield doesn't work at all. At first i thought i might have pressed the wrong button but later i discovered that it wasn't working at all each time i tried to shield against Vayne.

During the early gamet that guy had purchased boots as his first item but surprisingly his health was regaining continously without having any lifesteal item. Later he purchased vampiric sceptor!

Another strange thing that i faced is related to my movement speed. I didnt felt any need to purchase mercury treads for nautilus coz my movement speed was already high with just basic boots of speed, I was running in the speed of mercury treads with just basic boots! How come it's possible. It never happend to me.

We lost the game though, felt like conveying this thing to you. I hope you guys will take a look at it