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Patcher bug after restarting

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Ari Rath



I was playing a game earlier with some friends and I had apparently not noticed the windows update thing was ticking the background. It started restarting my comp mid game. I was annoyed but I let my friends know I'd be right back (skype was still up after LoL closed). My comp was back on in a couple minutes, I opened up League, and the League patcher went to 33% and stuck there doing nothing. I waited then closed and reopened it, it went to 33% again and this time it started checking files. It did this for at least 15 minutes before doing anything else. When it finally finished checking there was nothing to update. I have had the patcher check some files very quickly before, but this was very different.
I could easily have made it back within five minutes had the patcher functioned properly. I found this quite frustrating. It didn't end up being that big of a deal in my case (my team was able to win without me, I got a leave, but I don't think I have many, or any others) however this could have been quite unfortunate had my team lost because of this or had it been a ranked game.