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FPS bug?

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I know of the fps bug where in game your fps drops more than what it use to be and can be stopped by closing lolclient.exe in game having 8fps.

But when i did that i got 40-45 fps which is highest it ever been.
This happen in my last 3 games. The first one where i was lagging and i had never expereicned the fps bug and then i did some reading for the 2nd and 3rd game and bam 40-45 fps compared to what i usually get 20fps.

Also Lolclient was at 200-300k memusage from taskmanager. It usually less than 100k

how to reproduce.
Log in game 200-300k memusage client
Join game 8fps Normal being 20-25 fps 10-25 in team fights.
close lolcilent via task manager
ingame fps 40-50 laning drops to 10-30 in team fights.

rad.zip is logs from rad folder
and log.zips is logs from logs folder since i don't know what logs to upload but i know its the recent ones

Dxdiag.txt too