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Bots get stuck

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I've been practicing different jungle routes and setups using custom games and I noticed a funny thing that has happened in multiple games.

The bots get stuck in certain spots on the map. The most common one is just on the edge of the top (left from champion POV) wall at the top of your base mid stairs. The bot will just sit there jiggling back and forth until it is attacked or otherwise recalls.

I've also noticed it mid-lane near the enemy inner tower on the Dragon side entrance to mid-lane jungle. Although in this case (only observed once) it looks more like indecisive AI as the bot moves back and forth in about a 200 pixel range as if trying to decide on whether to go into the jungle or return to the lane.

Since I'm only practicing jungle routes and rune setups, I haven't paid a lot of attention to the bot champions, but if someone is actually trying to play a custom game and includes bots this could be annoying.