Game freezes when clicked "Continue" after a game

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Everytime I (or all players, I suppose) clicked the Continue button at the end game screen (Either Victory or Defeat), my game always get freezed(The curser moves like normal, but even the Alt+Tab command will be delayed).

I found a solution of this, is to go out of the game (Alt+Tab or something) and close the game client. The game lobby will pop out asap.

This worked for me, however I started encountering an issue, which is closing the game like that is considered leaving the game. I tried to wait till the music is played for a few second, but the issue still appear sometime. If I failed to join the game lobby like this, the Reconnect screen will appear. Sometimes if I clicked it fast enough, I would be able to start the client and go to the loading screen, then close the client again to join the lobby. But if I cannot, the "Game does not exist" option will pop out and I will not be able to join the game lobby, meaning that I cannot honor/report any player.

I am not sure the freeze is bug, or just the game overloaded to collect info from the server to get to the game lobby. I actually doubt it as when I click on the Riot icon on the toolbar (Not sure about its name in English, the section on the right bottom corner of a PC) after playing a game, a window will always pop out with the game lobby joined.

I'd like to know if I can have an explanation of the freeze, or some fixes on them?

P.s. Sometimes the Victory/Defeat pops out really late as well. Most of the time it pops out 1-2 seconds after the nesus exploded, however this delay sometimes is expanded to ~4 seconds.

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I get this bug a few times, i.e blackout or sudden internet disconnection. And you don't have to do anything. Really, you don't have to do a single thing. Just restart your PC and wait for like 5 to 10 minutes and that bug should wear off.