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Hi, hope you're having a good day!
So here is my issue:

I've been playing League of Legends for a year now and I'm not yet tired of it, but there's this detail that discourages me to play. All of my friends in the game have access to my account, to my match history, which I find I should have the choice of privacy.
I have kind of a pride, and sometimes I'm lagging in a game or playing with trollers. And often I just feel like playing and relaxing, but the fact that everyone can see my match history makes me feel pressures and I don't enjoy playing as much. It's stressing and I get mad at the game, I even feel hatred towards teammates for x reasons.

I don't play ranked yet, I'm not that competitive, so I don't wish others to compare my match histories. I think we should have the choice to hide or not.

I know showing match histories have good points too, so my proposition would be to have a choice of privacy in classic games, but a public match history for ranked games (as we have now, but add an history and separate them).

Hope you will hear my request and make something of it, lots of my friends share this same opinion.
Keep having a nice day,

Marika. =)

ps: I know there are several ways to check on players profiles anyway, perhaps when we'd choose privacy it should be linked to every websites with those accesses.

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Not to mention the social issues created by people spying on your play time.
- Friends who get bent out of shape when you play without them.
- Parents/significant others who want to know how you spent the day.

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Yeah this should definitely be an option. It creates way too much pressure for the game to be fun sometimes because somebody can just look at your match history and start trash talking you because you haven't had the best string of games. I find this is especially true in "low elo" where everyone seems to focus on your k/d/a rather than your contribution to a team. (at least thats what I have observed)

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I support this wholeheartedly

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As such, everyones entitled to an opinion, and you do have valid points. In my opinion, I do not believe it is necessary and in fact, I believe it is fine. The game is meant to be fun and yes there is a pride issue with losing, I get it. Check out my match history and its all red strings of defeat right now, however, I know why Im getting defeated and I honestly done mind people peeping into my profile. If you look at it this way, you should be lucky enough for someone to even consider looking into your profile, even if to poke fun at you, its their time after all.

On the note of privacy and people/ significant others keeping tabs on you playing alone, yeah I get that. In fact I have to be aware who I play with so I dont get myself into more trouble, but hey, it makes it more fun, Its not a Yolo thing that you can walk away, think twice what you do, promise you wouldnt play without ur wife / friend, Keep that promise. You shouldnt have something to hide by playing with someone/ sometime and trying to hide it.

Aside from this, I understand an option to this privacy thing is what would make you feel better about yourself, but thats a self esteem issue. In fact, Im perfectly fine telling my friend no Im going solo so go do something for now. Back my string of defeats, I play adc which is my weakest role, I told my friends, leave me alone while i do this as I do not want to cause a lost and have them carry. Their reply is to spend time with friends and I`ve stated its stressful to spend time with friends when you feed and suck and die so its better this way. We`ll play later on, and we agree to disagree and play again later. Simple...


Dont hide... Learn from your mistakes. I met friends with red strings of defeat to help them out with play styles. Many times, if you lose constantly, it is YOUR fault, for not carrying. Everyone Role can carry, I firmly believe that. The carry method maybe different but every role is balanced for that. You just havent played enough to learn that yet. As for playing ranked and competitive play, you`ll get there later eventually but dont take it whole heartedly and rage, it is a game after all. In fact, I love bronze, all the raging kids are soo halarious and easy to kill / dunk. You truly belong in there if you think you do not due to trollers / afker's. My friends in gold / plat have all climbed from Bronze division out on smurfs. They belong in gold / plats. If u can carry out, you truly belong there until you can carry out. Now back to Real life coaching

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I agree that at least some privacy would be nice. The amount of times, particularly on these very forums, that a player has been shouted down because someone's gone to their match history and pointed out that they've lost their last 5 games or that they've been playing ARAM instead of ranked lately?

While maybe some sort of view on recent games would be useful on ranked, on the whole, I think a toggle-able privacy setting would do wonders for the community.

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wholeheartedly agree. people judge you on your k/d/a.