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[Fan Creation] Please Review this :)

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Um I want to create a champion but b4 I start I want to know if these would be good champions.

1A. Support Champ:This champion would use the power of ying and yang and he would be able to switch between the two modes. For example, He would use lets say his W to change to yang mode or ying mode. Each mode has its own special moves. Yin mode would be a dark negative energy that would put debuffs on the enemy and damage the enemy. Yang mode would a positive energy that heals and can be used to damage enemies. A Yin move would be sickness. It weakens the enemy and lowers all its stats and damages the enemy over time. A Yang move would heal an ally but if you use the move that heals the ally on an enemy it deals damage to the enemy. If you use a Yang move after a Yin move the Yang move deals extra damage.( Vise-Versa). There ult would be that they combine and deal massive damage (DEPENDING ON WHAT MODE YOU ARE IN)or give you and your allies a temporary buff that increases all stats by 10(lvl.6) 30(lvl11.)and 50(lvl 16). I think I might make that Yin have stacks of debuffs and when you use your ult it will deal a certain amount of damage depending on how much stacks your enemy has on of debuffs.
Yin Ult(Chaos Storm) Deals damage depending on how much stacks of debuffs you enemy has.

Yang Ult(Chaos Control) Bends the power of chaos and peace to create a powerful buff that increases your stats and allies stats by 50 for 5 mins.

1B. The Yin-Yang could each use two natural elements.

Yin: Metal and Fire(DoT)
Yang: Wood and Earth(Slows)
There ult would be the fifth element WATER. The move water would be a strong ult that pushes the enemy back and slows them. I call it Crashing Wave.

So tell me which one would be better 1A. or 1B.

2. This champion would be a psychic user, I noticed Riot does not have one yet. This champion would have a knock back(this move can be used to pull the target towards you and can be used on allies). A move that stuns the enemy for 1 second and causes damage(Pshco Shock). A move that mind controls a minion or a jungle a jungle creep until it dies or until you stop the spell.(CANNOT BE USED ON BARON). The ult would be called BRAIN TEAR. This move taps into the enemy champions brain and tears it to pieces causing excruciating pain and SEVERE damage. After the spell is done. The enemy champion gets a dumb state making unable to cast spells and lowers all stats by 30 for a few seconds. If Brain Tear kills an enemy champion it gives the psychic champion plus +10 Ap( Stacks 6x)

Well these are my ideas. Tell me what you think and please help me come up with some names.

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Silver of Souls

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1. This is fan fiction, please head on over to Champion Concepts.
2. Accept the Summoner's Code so we can actually read this.