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The Gentleman's Blade (Talon/MF story)

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From the writer of highly acclaimed 'A Xin/Lux story' (srsly check it out) comes the next big *****.

Gather around the camp fire fellow 500 ELO scrubs, retarded AD carrys and no-smite junglers. Pick your shroommellows and toast them on this bonfire so forunately made by Brand.

This is a story of a strong-willed, self reliant Pirate sl*t named Miss Fortune and her story as she tries to resist the lusting yet charming man named Talon.

Before the battle, Miss Fortune would touch herself which explains the lengthy loading screen.
Talon would gaze eagerly through a peek hole in the wall.
Talon fell in love with that wh*ore and often sent her many gifts.

"Here MF please accept thy gift the metal flowers of Zaun!"
Miss Fortune shut the door on him and ignored.

The next day Talon arrived again
"bonjour mademoiselle, please accept this token of beauty"
Talon shoved his hand up his ass and pulled out the Infinity's Edge.
"This shall help you next game coz Graves and Tristly owns ur ass son"
Offended, MF left again.

It was 1 hour before a battle. Talon entered MF's personal chambers.

MF was snuggling with Gangplank.
"Rgghhhh, walk the PLANK!"
"Oh my,,," MF replied with pleasure sounds following.

Then the two finally realized Talon's presence in the room.
Gangplank stood up,
"What are you doing here kid!?"
GP's sausage was dangling like a crobar.

Talon used his ulti and sliced up GP's favourite body part into 10 different pieces.

"My love MF, here is thou final gift"
Talon presented her with the almighty Doran's Di*ldo.

It was the voice of Wukong.

"What the?" Talon said. He opened the main door behind him and saw several people, most men lined up. He saw Wukong, Xin Zhao, Garen, Teemo, Poppy and many more.
They all seemed to have a conical shape pointing out of the groinal area of their pants.

Talon closed the door and confronted MF

"What's the meaning of this!?"

MF put her clothes back on
"Didn't you know? I'm a H00k3r. All you gotta give me is cash and I'll do it with anyone cept undead people, coz dats just wrong soooons"
There was a loud knock on the door.


"WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!?!" Garen woke up from his dream. He thought he wet his pants but it was sticky.

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Ask Talon




Sounds canon to me.

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you should really see about not writing stories, ever again... however funny people find these to be they are god awful.