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[Guide] Twitch – The Rat Who Fell From Grace part 2

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Part 1 of the guide: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=188069

Champion Wars:

Possible mids:

Ash: Ash is the easiest champion to handle, to Twitch she doesn’t prove a threat in most cases and should give in a easy few bloods if she isn’t playing safe.
The start for Twitch on mid is always the same, you wait till your minions clash, turn on Ambush and go to your target, set yourself in a position where you won’t aggress too many enemy minions and land 1-2 hits as a greeting, but don’t drag on with that, if your seeing that their being too careful and sticking behind their whole creep wave, then just back out to your wave and start last hitting.
Ash is easy cause she doesn’t have any special, smart abilities, shes pretty much like Twitch but with slow instead of a attack speed boost AND no explunge.

Like I said in my guide, if you want to smack a few kills on mid, then you should start with Explunge and preferably one point into debilate but not necessary, you should go into ambush as often as possible and harass ash if she extends to the mid where minions clash, I don’t suggest harassing if shes too close to her tower, generally getting a kill on ash or any other champion is pretty much the same, you wait till they overextend a bit or even start getting at your tower, then you pop up behind and start landing shots, as many as you can, if they use ghost and still have a plentiful amount of health left, then leave them be, if they use just flash – then use your own flash and keep the distance at bay and keep shooting, then when you see that she has low health, just pop explunge.
Its pretty easy like that, Ash can’t give you a fight, in most cases she’ll try to run, but sometimes she will take you head on, well that’s the easy kill then.
If they exhaust you, try to head towards the bushes, with flash if its ready and come back at her after its over, or lure her into the bush if shes already low on health and your pretty high, you can make her lose target and juke her around the bush like that a bit to give you time to get out of exhaust. Also when you gank anyone, you should ALWAYS keep far from their minions, especially their catapult, those things do a lot of damage, combined to the damage from the enemy champion = lethal.

In team fights Ash is your pray, she’ll try to keep behind her team but shes your main target, in a team fight try to get behind her if the fight isnt near a tower and ambush kill her as fast as you can, if you can’t kill her by the time their team mates notice you, then retreat with flash.
And Ashes like to farm extra gold on solo lanes killing creeps that push their towers, that’s also a easy kill for you, they often overextend out of greed and that gives you enough time to arrive there. That’s pretty much it , tactics aren’t needed against Ash, all you need is raw power, Ashes don’t get Health or def items so they drop in a few shots towards mid-end game so no trouble.

Sivir: Is pretty much like Ash alike but with better escape mechanics and more offense, when lanning against sivir, you should first thing buy your boots to be able to dodge her boomerang better since it deals a ****load of damage early game, a 2-3 successful boomerangs will kill you. Try to always move to the right and left when farming minions against sivir and be aware of her boomerang, watch her movements closely and know when she wants to throw it. When your farming minions, try to be not be in a line with your own, so that she has to either pick to whenether try harass you with her boomerang, or use it on your minions , it gives her trouble.
When you try to gank her, don’t stand in one place, move from side to side and land shots until she misses with her boomerang, then just pack all the shots you can while standing. Ofcourse in most cases she’ll run and you’ll just waste possible shots but if she doesn’t, well chances are that you will die first from her boomerang before your able to kill her, also she can activate her shield and absorb your explunge, so be aware of when she uses it and don’t waste your spell.
Later game shes a easy kill, she has no real damage and no real defense and health, drops in a few hits and can’t really fight back, boomerang doesn’t do **** damage anymore and her attacks don’t either, her only advantage is pushing towers fast alone and that’s where you get your free kill.

Tristana: Tristana is one a adequately challenging mid for Twitch, she has high range, fast attack speed , a DoT and a jump slow with additional damage. Being dumb and fighting tristana at low health or trying to harass her will not do, she’ll jump/slow you, then DoT you and finish you off. When harassing her, always try to be at full health and pop out behind her in a convenient possition so that you won’t aggro creeps, when farming creeps with her, try to always keep your distance away from your creeps and move in ONLY for a last hit, never stand there shooting the same creep from full health, she will take advantage and land a few shots on you since her range is a lot higher than yours. Also keep away from your own creeps, her passive that makes them blow up after she kills them hurts and if she lands several ones at the same time, then its going to make you regret.
Be aware of her ult at 6, it deals very high damage at its level, 300 damage, to a squishie that’s around 35~40% of your health so it counts at that level. Later game she proves quite annoying aswell, she’ll always try to ult you out of a team fight if you’ve fed yourself and posses a threat, or she’ll try to jump focus you, in most cases you can easily finish her off before she can even halve your health but still, be aware. Some tristanas don’t engage the fight with their team and pop out with jump out of nowhere, have that in mind if you don’t see her in the fight, that she might jump on you when you least expect it.
Having exhaust up for cases like that is always a gods blessing.

Feedlestix: Nasty mid, you’ll have your chance to go against this fellow sometimes, its pretty much useless trying to gank or harass him, your range is pretty low so he’ll catch you with fear and start draining you at once and If you stick around trying to kill him while he is draininig you, well you’ll probably give away first blood like a idiot.
Generally you can’t gank fiddles, he can escape any situation if it’s a 1v1, so don’t bother much if he is either at low health (which is doubtful) or if he is out of mana. That’s the only two cases you can try and go for a gank, other than that you’ll only make it worse for yourself, so your goal while fighting fiddles is to farm creeps as much as you can to compensate for not being able to blood him, he can’t do much to you alone also if you keep out of his fear/drain combo range, he won’t give you much trouble.
Always call mias on fiddles and better yet, if you’ve saw the dirrection he went to, then ambush and follow him, and attack him as soon as he tries to jump into a fight or when he starts casting his ult exhaust him and land a few shots in, that’ll make his gank unsuccessful in most cases since he is slow and can’t run around with it fast enough to keep up your allies in it, also if you warn them before hand that fiddles wants to ult jump, they can either intercept him and kill him on spot, or just be ready to flash out or walk out of his ult range.

Towards endgame, you can just target fiddles and drop him like a leaf with your monstrous damage but always be aware, fiddles probably won’t ever be visible in team fights and will be close somewhere over the wall or in the bushes, always get into ambush and check the surroundings, I’m sure you’ll often be able to find poor unsuspecting fiddles waiting to gank and be mentally unready to be ganked himself, so use your chance to kill him before he can do anything.

Teemo: This sucker is going to give you trouble all game if he knows what hes doing, I guarantee that. Ganking him is always bitter since he’ll blind dart shot you and dissable your first few hits and have a advantage over you, plus his poison is more potent than yours startgame but it suffers from Magic Resistance unlike yours. When ganking teemo , follow the same procedure as with everyone else, position and far away from enemy minions, if he lands blinding dart on you, then back away for a second out of his range and wait till its over then get back at him, if he tries to follow then the better, if he tries to run, then don’t chase, farm minions. Also be aware of his shrooms, don’t walk on area that minions don’t walk on or your risking in popping a shroom and believe me, you do not want to engage teemo in a gank after you popped a shroom or two.
Towards later game Teemo isn’t really a threat, he will just be annoying to you with his blind dart, it has a long duration of 3.5 seconds at rank 5 so it’s the same as him having a instant exhaust always up just for you, try to be far away from him when your positioning yourself in team fights and possibly take him out with spray and pray first in those if you don’t want him to get close to you while your busy fighting and make you useless.
And always be aware of his shrooms, expect them to possibly be in every bush you’ll want to check or hide, so if your low on health and want to B pill, better not try to hide in a bush for your own sake.

Ezrael: One of your worst mids possible to engage. Buying boots early to be able to avoid his skill shots is a good idea, when farming creeps keep away from him as far as possible and always hide behind your own creeps, that atleast blocks one of his two skillshots.
Ganking Ez early is hard to be honest, he has a DPS to be reckoned with, if you do however want to try, then always try to move from side to side every few seconds in anticipation of his skillshot, then land a few hits and repeat, he is squishy yes so he shouldn’t be trouble to drop if everything is going well and most EZ overestimate themselves or underestimate Twitches and will overextend the fight not into their favour, that’s where you’ll be able to land enough stacks to blow him up even if he tries to run away. If that scenario works up, then it’s a blood and your happy but higher you go in level, the harder it’ll get to gank ez since he opens up all of his spells and he’ll have a massive burst do deal with, if you unsuccesfully gank him at level 4+ then your risking of giving up a blood, he will teleport triple skillshot you for quite a chunk of health and auto attack you with repeative Q skillshots until your dead, your best choice is to run or avoid these situations. At level 6 if you’ve successfully ran away from EZ, THEN DO NOT RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE, always after getting away, go into a different dirrection right away to avoid getting hit and finished off by his ultimate.

In late game team fights Ez is annoying since he can land several skillshots and get away easily, but you can still debilat slow him and land your shots even when he is running, you can gank him easily when you’ve got IE on your hands and handle him pretty well, he isn’t much of a threat later on for you and most cases he’ll just try to teleport out of range and run away, happily in most cases he’ll die before he can even do that or won’t be able to run away since you threw debilate on him , even if he teleported. In team fights against Ez, try to keep away from being in a straight line with your team and target him atfirst with SNP and try to take him out, or make him back out of the fight, he doesn’t posses any real raw power alone like Twitch or Tristana for exaplne , so he relies on his team mates to do the damage and him to finish you all off with his bursts and ult.

Annie: The Pedo’s Dream! And your worst nightmare >.>
Annie is a particularly hard champion to mid against for Twitch, if it’s a good annie then she’ll always keep her stun up and waiting for you to pop out, then Q/W you and growl down 25~40% of your health with that combo, shes annoying, she’ll repeatedly try to get close to you and land a fireball so harass and when it lands with a stun she’ll move in with her W, try to avoid that and keep range as often as possible when farming and when your trying to gank her, be always aware of her passive and gank her when its at 3 stacks or LOWER if shes lv6 because she’ll either kill you or do some massive damage and get away.
At level 6+ ganking her is dangerous, her Q/Q/W/R/Q combo will kill you in most cases and you don’t want that, so be aware of what your doing.
Later game in team fights if annie isn’t farmed or fed then she doesn’t posses enough firepower to be a real threat, but her little burst and stun still hurts your team so try to SNP her as much as possible from a range and kill her or atleast scare her off, if your seeing her somewhere alone and your thinking of ganking her then always check her stacks first and expect her to have tibbers ready, so in most cases I’d suggest activating your AS bonus from ambush without getting out of it, then debilate poison to slow her and SNP to kill her and keep her out of range so she can’t land her spells on you, often you’ll be able to kill her if your equiped with IE by the time.

Twitch: Haha I love going mid against myself, I dominated every Twitch on mid since I can remember myself. He is easy be default if you are a good Twitch and know what your doing, you’ve both got possibly the same runes and ability build so both able to do the exactly same amount of damage, just depends how you play it.
Most Twitches are overconfident idiots like Ez pretty much cause they think their playing The OP, well that’s where you use it to their dissadvantage.
Know whats the best method to overpower a Twitch? Its to stay inbetween your creep wave if he went into ambush, you won’t believe how many Twitches ignore creeps and attack ambush you without thinking of the consequences, if he does that then move a step back so he gets even closer after he pops out and your creeps are all over him and start trading shots with him yourself, he’ll be confident he’ll kill you since he has the AS bonus from ambush and you don’t, but that’s deceiving, your creeps are going to mow him down faster then he realises it and if you’ve got explunge ready, then use it at 3-4 stacks and finish him off.
Is usually as easy as that to oversmart a Twitch but some won’t take the bait and will wait till your minions are dead, if its one of those then just farm and when he pops out, move away, not too hard, if hes being persistent and debilates you then fight back and exhaust him, you’ll likely overpower him.
If you want to gank the enemy Twitch then keep in mind the creep distance I’m always talking about and position yourself well, gank him and get your kill if he overextended towards the other half of the field. What most Twitches forget about is that POISON WILL NOT LET YOU GO INTO AMBUSH, so if you’ve started a gank on him , he won’t be able to get into ambush and escape since the poison hits every 1 second and ambush needs 1.5 seconds to launch off.
Always watch your enemy Twitch carefully, notice when he goes into ambush, and mia call every time.
Also some Twitches start going bot or top before waiting while ambush kicks in and that’s how you know where hes going to gank, it’s a easy method to counter that, which is? Yep, you follow. You warn your team mates so their ready for a Twitch gank and you follow yourself, then when he pops out, you 2-3 man concentrate him and get a easy kill, it happens all the time.
Another good option is to place a ward in mid where your farming against your enemy Twitch BUT DON”T BE A IDIOT like everyone is and place the ward when he isn’t there so he doesn’t know its there, and don’t place it without ambush since he can check your gear and see if you have one in your inventory. After that you can easily see him run around in stealth and you can just initiate the fight yourself and kill the unsuspecting Twitch that gladly positioned himself behind you so its harder for him to escape.

Towards endgame if the Twitch is fed or not depends mainly from you, if he is and posseses a threat, then you fail xP If not then tell your team mates not to be idiots and feed him since he’ll try to wait for convenient situations and gank your low mates to feed himself.
Tell your tanks to buy oracles, or even better – buy one yourself and kill him every time you see him alone.

In team fights, you don’t pop out before the Enemy Twitch does, remember that – its important for your win, you always pop out after the enemy Twitch and attack HIM with SNP and take him down before he can do anything to your team, then you can pick off everyone else, or if you have exhaust then that’s even easier, you just throw it on him and make him useless for 3 seconds while you mow him down then the rest of his team.
Generally that’s the only tactic against a enemy Twitch, nothing else works and don’t try to, if you’ll pop out of ambush first in a team fight, expect the enemy Twitch to pop out near you and mow you down first unless your really aware of whats going on around you and your better equiped to counter mow him.

Ryze: A less traditional mid but still happens, Ryze, he isn’t much trouble if dealt steadily with.
Ganking him works but only if you keep distance so he doesn’t bounce his flux off you multiple times, his prison at easrly levels won’t allow him to keep you inplace for long enough to land the fluxes either so if your doing things right, he won’t be able to deal massive damage to you.
Ganking starts as usual, you get into the right position as far away from enemy creeps as possible and well enough still to cut escape routes for ryze, then gank him at maximum distance, note that he’ll try to close up, back off if he does since he wants to bounce flux off you and if he throws rune prison then click back multiple times so you can run away as soon as it wears off, it doesn’t last more than a second at first so he won’t land spellflux successfully if you don’t space out, back out and make him waste it then keep focusing him, if he’ll be dumb and stick around and try to finish you, you’ll most likely get a blood, if not he’ll try to run off, follow and try to finish off.
That’s about it with Ryze mid game, towards endgame if ryze successfully farms up or feeds up, then he’ll be a force to be rckoned with, I wouldn’t suggest giving him free range so keep him away with debilate and SNP, in team fights concentrate him first so he can’t destroy your whole team with his ult, Ryze unless built CDR wise is still the one trick ponny, he’ll land his hits under his ult and try to get away, don’t let that happen, as soon as he gets close in on your team mates to unload his shots, that’s where you end it for him.
Other than that there is no real other tactic against ryze, don’t ever engage him without proper gear , towards endgame if he is fed, engage only if your also fed and equiped with IE/LW and banshee veil.

Veigar: Another less traditional mid, doesn’t posses much of a threat if dealt with correctly.
He doesn’t posses much burst power that he can relly on early stage, so he is yours for the free harassing and ganking. When ganking keep the requirements the same, well positioned and away from minions, then gank him, pop debilate if available and keep shooting, one hint against veigar is to not move excessively, he will land a stun-box on the area so don’t move around to get caught up by it, just keep shooting and stop if he lands the stun, then follow him after the prison dissapears, as easy as that, even if he lands a meteor while your in the prison, you can always flash out or move around it to avoid the hit.

When playing Team, veigar isn’t much of a threat unless he catches you in his prison, you just keep distance and shoot at him in team fights with SNP, and pick him off when he is solo on a lane.
He doesn’t posses much threat to non caster targets anymore since his ultimate doesn’t get bonus damage from mana but from AP of the enemy now, and since you have none = no real damage.
Sure if he has enough AP his bursts will still do considerable damage, but not enough to kill you.

Heimer: A nasty, nasty mid to go against, if it’s a good heimer, you’ll have trouble.
The main focus is to down his turrets as fast as possible, if there are several turrets, I’d even suggest landing 2-3 hits on each and explunging them for easy handling. Heimer can’t farm if he doesn’t have turrets, but be aware if your going to try and attack his turrets, he will probably try to close in on you and land a granade on your head. Back out if the turrets target you, your pretty squishy so they do a lot of damage in short periods of time, especially if theres more than one, never attack heimer when hes behind or inbetween his turrets.
If you want to gank heimer, better do it when he is trying to down your tower , that’s usually the heimers main objective so he’ll overextend boldly, or ask for a gank for mid and kill him off with your team mates, ignore his turrents since they dissapear if you successfully kill heimer.

Towards endgame heimer posseses no threat whatsoerver, you’ll be 1-2 hitting his turrets and most heimers go AP build so you’ll down him kinda fast if he is alone, generally not many tips to provide against heimer in a team fight, you don’t really have to focus him since he can’t deal much damage alone with his granade and missles, just kill him whenever you don’t see any more dangerous target to deal with.

Kennen: One if the few annoying mids for Twitch, if hes farmed atleast a bit, then you won’t be able to kill him at all. Has his run escape mechanism so ganking isn’t a option also.
Generally when against kennen, the best option is farming, harass at will when its possible but keep your distance and always hide behind minions so his shuriken skillshot won’t hit you.
Fighting a kennen is only possibly at lower levels like under 6 when he hasn’t bought his belt yet and has massive health.
With him harassing is key if you want to kill him, trying to go all out with a gank from behind won’t do since he can easily escape with his lightning run, you’ll have to attack him 2~4 times from ambush and retreat and harass until he has low enough health for you to pop near him and finish him with 3-4 more shots + explunge, that’s the only way but its also pretty dangerous since with every harass he’ll throw a start, rush you and blow you up, which not only does incredible burst damage for that level but also stuns you for a split second and you can’t do anything besides letting him escape or finish you off.

So generally fighting kennen pre team fights alone on a lane is troublesome, comparable might to Katarina.

Altho in team fights kennen is a one trick ponny, he will charge in, hit everyone and ult, you can keep your distance and SNP him at will or just wait till his ult ends and finish him, there isn’t much to say, he is pretty much like all the AP characters out there, bit of health but no AR or MR so he drops fast enough even without concentrated fire. He isn’t to be feared particularly if he isn’t extremely fed so don’t bother much with him before you take out their carry first in a team fight.

Katarina: The Royal pain in the Ass if I might add so myself, I’ve given up mid against Kat several times in the past, the reasons are cause your slow, your squishy and she is NOT and can actally take more of a beating than you and has better damage bursts until later levels.
When lanning against a kat, she will probably always be far behind her minions and harass you when her cooldowns are down, don’t let her do that, if you see her coming close then get away, her shunpo range is higher than your normal attack so if you try to land a hit in, she’ll get you.
Her shunpo>dagger combo deals quite the damage start game , so a few harassings like that and your on your half health, harassing her really is out of the question, if your against a katarina then, play safe, that’s the best option, just farm creeps and last hit and avoid her until team fights.

In team fights be aware of her, if she has a grudge against you for killing her once or twice, she’ll probably main target your ass, so don’t pop out in a team fight until you see that kat is concentrated on someone else, unless you don’t want to see her shunpo>ult jump you with exhaust and take you out of the fight in a moment. Wait till she either pops her ult or shunpo hits someone then slow her and SNP from afar as much as you can.
In team fights do the same, generally the ideal match is if you have a stunner or taunter to stop her ult from happening, then its just technique, your SNP their team without worry, a kat that had her ult taken from her is useless and can’t do much more anything in that fight.

Vladimir: Another annoying mid that came out recently, i don't know much about him since i only had mid against him a couple of times, thus not enough to totally research a champion.
Out of my experience trying to gank him is quite futile, harassing aswell is since he has higher range and he will most likely get back and Q you, get back and Q you again when you try to approach, and the same is going to happen when he wants to harass you.
In my oppinion his Q range is too high but thats just me, you'll have trouble if he is being too aggressive start off since he builds of burst damage in a few levels and Q starts to hurt each time he hits you and flees like nothing happened, a couple of harasings like that and you'll have to be warry and stay way behind your minions to avoid contact.

Against him use your ambush effectively, try to catch him unsuspecting to harass, get 2-3 shots atleast in so he starts to run since Q can't cover for as much damage, then explunge if its leveled well, try to pressure him , if he'll give up then he'll back off and let you farm your minions , some times he might make a mistake and fight you head on when he is in a unfavorable position, thats your free kill, but other than that if he is being cautious and keeping distance, then don't push it and try to farm.

Vladimir has his sanguine pool for his escape so always keep that in mind and don't try any rambo actions near his tower or such when both of you have health and you greed dive, it will make you pay.

As for team fights, vladimir isn't much of a threat, he usually stays back behind his team and won't reach to you in most cases unless you let him, just use the usual tactic of SNP from a favorable position and you should have no problems handling him at all.

Generally i'll be blunt, vladimir sucks and all the hype generated since hes the FAD vampire champions, is just fad, as a champion he is really lacking.

Mordekaiser: Another possible mid, its exotic but it happens sometimes, some people claim mordekaiser to be a effective mid but i've never seen that come true.
Well in either case, if your up against a morde then i'll tell you that he is one annoying sucker, the main annoyance is that he cleans up creeps fast and pushes you towards your tower, other than that he can't do anything to you, his spell range is limited and you can easily keep back or aside from it hitting you, generally if you want to farm creeps, he isn't by any mean a obstacle but rather a blessing on lane.
Harassing him is always a good idea when possible, he'll get in close to the creeps to AoE them and recharge his shield, thats when you unload a few shots into him and keep shooting while he tries to run back, a morde won't generally come into close combat against a ranged target, even while he has his shields up.
When you want to harass him when he approaches the minions, better not stay in a straight line with him or be behind the minions since his cone aoe will hit you, stay aside from the minions and it shouldn't hit you and you should be able to land a few hits without much issues, well except the issue of creeps landing a few hits on you.

Generally ganking him on mid isn't much of a effort, just the fact that he is a tank and has additional health from his shields wich makes him a bit more durable, but its not like he doesn't fall like any other champion while he is on lower than half health and overextending mid, same tactic as against any other champion, get behind him from a favorable position that makes his retreat difficult and where creeps can't aggro on you.

If your on a double lane and against morde, i wouldn't bother with him and would just keep distance and harass his partener, given that he isn't shen or rammus.

In team fights, its not that difficult, some mordes go AD, some go tank wise, don't bother with tank morde, if you see hes going tank, then attack his other team mates with SNP while being well positioned behind your team, if he is DPS however, you should target him first since he is quite a threat if he kills someone and makes a doll out of them.
However if he is tank, they often get thornmail, i heavily suggest avoiding those kinds, the thornmail is going to kill you faster than your damage kills him.

Its all situational against morde, good luck.

More to come as i think of something, your suggestions could be handy and you could also tell me which champion you can't handle well and i could include him in my list with my view over him, feel free to request help.

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mordekaiser help please

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Reserved for more

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Kog Maw?

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Akali/Pantheon are troublesome champions. Pantheon moreso, because he can take 2+ seconds of you attacking him if you don't have the ambush buff up. So he can harrass you safely.

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What about Morgana and Karthus? Never fought them in mid but Ive seen alot of them.

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As Morde, I eat Twitch and his babies... if he had any... which would be weird... and gross.. anyway

I think you buttered up the real threat that Morde has on Twitch at mid... Twitch is really squishy and I find that I can always take 2 or 3 hits from twitch while I give him just one...

I will outlast twitch if he tries to harass me without first knowing HOW to do it. The best way to handle Morde at mid as Twitch is to always go for him AFTER he has used Syphon. This is Morde's ONLY harrassing tool at mid against a ranged opponent and I find that not alot of persons wait for him to use it before trying to harass.(Creeping death shouldn't be a problem to ranged opponents)

What this does is make Morde concentrate on Minions with Syphon instead of you... because he will want to have his shield up.

If you find that he is still being aggressive without a shield then there's your chance to deal some damage to him. Remember, Morde abilities uses health so with your DoTs and his health stealing abilities, you should be able to win the battle at mid... (and please, if you have a jungler, call for a gank BEFORE he reaches lvl 6)

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Morgana is a pain if she gets the skill shot off, but her AoE makes it easier for you to last hit because your creeps aren't killing hers as easily, thus your low damage from Doran's Shield is not an issue.