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So I just came back from trying HoN...

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People were getting extremely pissy over me hitting creeps before the last blow because we werent ready to push towers yet. I mean what am I supposed to do just run in circles until I can last hit them? that just makes the game torture for my fingers.

Dude, you shouldn't be doing this in LoL either...

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It amazes me how many fanboys there are for each game when they are basically the same game with minor differences.

HoN: DotA clone
* Faster paced with higher base move speeds, better access to teleports, pick-up runes, and bottles
* More micro management required
* More competitive due to significantly higher skill needed to manage denying and last hitting simultaneously and a gold loss death penalty
* Item system is more challenging to master due to items being spread out across multiple shops and not easily sortable

LoL: a new, more casual DotA-like game
* Slower paced with very long cooldowns on more powerful abilities, no access to item-based teleports (only champ abilities and summoner spells), requirement to kill high-HP monsters for HoN's and DotA's rune-type buffs, and slower base move speeds
* Meta game that allows you to customize your champion via selection of summoner spells, runes, and masteries and garner accomplishments by playing and winning more games
* Easier champion management due to inability to deny
* Much smaller penalty for dying since you only lose time you could be spending in lane, not money and time
* Item system is much easier to navigate due to the interface

Yes, LoL is easier than HoN. It has a much easier learning curve, which not surprisingly means you actually have a decent chance in pubs of getting somewhat OK teammates. The differences in that learning curve, however, make them substantially different games. LoL took a tried and true classic and made it accessible to not-so-hardcore players. It's easier to play because it's meant to be, and anyone who isn't happy with one game has the choice of one, the other, or both. There is nothing wrong with that.

We now return you to your previously scheduled "@Riot fix your ****!" program.