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2600+ games played, 90% of them on TT, ask me anything about TT

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Turtle Omega

Senior Member


Would you say Anivia or Xerath are good picks for TT? I'm sort've new and they're really the only 2 champions I know how to play right now.. and I want to play TT lol


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Son of G0d



Hey, I don't know if you still answer questions here, but I really hope you do, here's my question:

I am a reasonably experienced LoL player, have about 1000+ wins, but none of them Twisted Treeline. Most of my expertise comes from playing ad carry ranked solo queue on summoners rift. I normally never play twisted treeline.

But recently two friends came over, and they love twisted treeline, so we want play loads of ranked team twisted treeline. The problem is: I found that premade is very different from solo queue, summoners rift is VERY different from twisted treeline and ad carries arent so good on twisted treeline. As a result, I was completely useless.
I tried finding some decent different champs and strategies myself, but failed to find anything that works.

TLDR: Im a newb at TT but not at LoL.

Now, i know that you cant explain everything about twisted treeline to me in this thread and make me a pro at TT overnight. But could you tell me one (or two) champs and the accompanying strategies/playstyle that definitely works well that I could practice and so contribute to my friends team?
Also, maybe a good overall strategy as we dont really have one (our teamplay is really bad atm).

P.S. I would really love to play ad carries on TT, is that completely unviable?

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Junior Member


What counters Tanky AP Nautilus + AD Blitz + Morgana the best. Haven't played enough games with the team to feel overwhelmed and the cc hurts. I would assume some sort of ad range would be a problem. Any info is great and what would be good champions to switch if just 1 is switched out or builds different?