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Heim's Turrets Alerting Towers. Please Stop.

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I was just wondering if attacking Heim's turrets could stop allerting towers in future patches. I had no problems with Heim before the patch because Heim used to use his turrets in bushes or offensively. AOE or a blitzkreig could finish this.

The last few games i have been seeing Heims only place them behind their towers. If i try to place a bomb on one with Zilean, the tower will target me. Same with physical attacks. This allwas for insane amounts of turtling. I think turrets should not count as part of Heim and should not signify an attack on the hero himself. I am fine with unnerfed turrets if they do not alert towers.

As well, i am not so sure i like having Heim's turrets give money when someone kills Heim. That just seems random to me. Not a huge deal though.

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But in compensation, his turrets should NOT be targeted first when attacking a tower.

Thus he can drop a turret and the tower kills creeps before attacking turret.

And nerf turret health please cause it is stupidly insane for the amount of damage they put out. Level 3 should be 500 health at max, with the amount of magic resist they have it makes no sense to have them with that much health.

That or nerf their damage, and leave their health.