Supporting in Solo Queue isn't all that bad.

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Hi, I'm Thedarkmoogle, and I main support. My main supports are Lulu, Taric, and I'm on my way to learning Sona.

So, I see posts on here all the time, about how supporting sucks, and how supporting ESPECIALLY sucks in Solo Queue. How they're always paired with AD carries who are stupid, or trolls, or how they can't get any items due to lack of gold.

I recently put a theory up on here, This was for the AD carries and the supports, with the intent to give them a sort of regulated system in which the supports got sufficient gold to buy items they can use to help support more. While there were some yays and some nays, I would like to state that the idea is something I tested, that worked for me and my usual lane partners, both as carry and as support. I wasn't trying to say that that was how things should have been, but it works for us, and so I thought I could help the others out, and let them go out and try it.

But, that's a bit of a tangent. I'd like to say this, though. Supporting in Solo Queue? Not as bad as it's made out to be. We are supports. We're not there to win games. We're there to help. We do the things that nobody else wants to. We spend our gold on wards, so that others don't have to. Our job is to devote our existence entirely to the benefit of the team, and not just one person. So, if you're supporting, you should be a helpful person by nature, and WANT to assist your allies in any way, shape, or form.

This does mean taking a few dives here and there, in order to save the carry. This does mean occasionally wasting an ult, to let the team escape, leaving you to die. You're there to help, and this should extend to beyond the game, too. If you're supporting them, it shouldn't just be buying wards, and doing all of the usual support stuff. It should be giving them advice, supporting them emotionally, too. When they nab a kill, tell them they did a good job! When you save them, don't expect gratitude, but accept it if it's given. It's your job, and you should be happy doing it.

If your allies make mistakes, don't rage about it. That's not what a support does. A support is supposed to lift the spirits, AND the game of their allies, with a positive attitude, and careful planning. If someone dies or does something stupid, don't yell at them, or call them noob, or whatever. Calmly tell them that they shouldn't have done that, and that maybe they should find a better alternative in that situation. The key to this is staying calm.

It's a game. Even if there is ranking on the line, remember. It's a game. and what's 15-20 ELO, compared to teaching someone a valuable lesson, that will hold, no matter their ranking, or yours? This helps them, this helps you. This paints a much more positive image on the support role, and makes people more keen to listen to their supports. If every carry who learned something from their support went and told their friends about it, the likelihood that they would listen to their supports from that point on is significantly increased!

It's all about being positive, being calm, and supportive. After all, you're a support, that's what you do! Raging, and coming on here talking about how bad it is to support in Solo Queue, doesn't help the support role at all! Makes people stay away from it. If you're in low ELO, maybe that's a hint. Maybe that's where you're needed, as a support. After all, someone's got to carry the carries, right?

We're the supports. We're the bringers of hope. The bearers of life and light. We're nurturers, protectors, and saviors, and though we're underappreciated, that's not a problem. We're unsung heroes, and any support worth their salt should be content with this.

I know I sound preachy and, perhaps a bit silly. And yes, I know there are people who'll just call you noob and tell you to gtfo when you give them a criticism. It's those kinds of people who need the help.

I believe in this community. I believe that we can pull ourselves out from the gutter, and become something more respectable. Something to be admired. And in time...I'm sure it will happen.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I've helped a bit.

*Whimsy's away*

(Yes, I know I posted this in Summoner's Rift as well, but I think it might have gone better, posted here in the first place.)