my view of fiddlesticks origin

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well after reading the lore of Fiddle and Nocturn I've had an idea of why and how it would play out.

it starts with the mage Istvaan preforming his magic

The room hums and sparks with magic as he chants and draws in energy trying control the only emotion no one has control over fear it self. His chanting grows louder and the magic shifts quicker until it ends in a flash of light ending in pure darkness and silence. Istvaan stands "did it work"? he starts to find it difficult to move "what the hell"!
a voice echos in his mind "be consumed". shadows wrap around his body as he try's to struggle the voice echos again "this is what you wanted". his body becomes frail and he finds himself unable to control it."so were allowing you this gift". the shadows form crows that strike his body fusing them selves with him coursing untold power into him. "you will wait for us puppet". he felt his body move on its own scythe now in hand "kill all who enter,for none shall keep you from your gift". the doors swing open and his body lashed out striking the summoner down. "And as punishment for your indiscretion" another summoner enters and his body lets out a ghastly laugh as crows swarm him
"you'll be forced to watch every second of bloodshed until my arrival".

as the doors shut and lock he stands there, unable to move,unable to speak, unable to act only watch as he is forced to kill against his will slowly becoming consumed by the very thing he tried to control.

well that's what i think anyway tell me what you guys thought =)