A Twisted Path

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Mitsa Nutita

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Part 1
It was a dark and dank night, and the jungle was thick and wet, and even having the slighest pace was impossible due to the dark and twisting vines, and the smell of rot in the air.
The group moved at a slowed pace, and if you weren't actively listening, she was sure that no one would hear them, that is good, because that is critical to the mission.
A shot was heard from the right, "Damn it" she thought to herself as Tristana slowly approached the sound of the shot as she looked down upon her fellow mate, "Are you alright?" she said in a tender voice, already knowing the answer.
He had panicked, she could see a vine that had grappled all the way up across his leg, and the plant had then penetrated through his stomach, he was breathing heavily as she told the young yordle "Take it easy, you are alright.
Gandering over the few members of the group she could see through the foilage she nodded one of them over, she grapped the vine, and slowly pulled it out of the young yordle's stomach, and she could hear the sound of anguish escaping from him.
The vine was obviously resisting, making the whole endavour much more painful to the poor man on the ground. Her other partner was sitting behind the applying pressure to the wound, and an obvious expression was visible on his furry face.
He was worried for the poor man on the ground, and she knew why. If the vine was not toxic, then the wound would most likely become infected. "Damn it!" she thought to herself, "Is this mission really worth it?"
They all knew that crossing the Plague Jungles was risky, but at this point they realised, it may be more dangerous than they could even imagine.

May be continued....