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Need help fot 5 vs 5 strategy

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Cpt Rastapopulos

Senior Member


I would need some help to create the perfect team in 5 vs 5. I tryed do play a game like this but it didnt worked.

Mid: Any AP
Top: A tank plus a support
Bot: Any ranged AD
Jungle: Any jungler

I would like you to suggest me some new strategy: where to put a tank, a AP, a support and a ranged AD (because me and my friends always play those roles). Thank you!


P.S: Writing a short comment increase the chances I will read it!

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Junior Member


Well, i'll tell you my sugestion:

Mid : if you play against any ap carry(over power), would be better one AD(over power) or Galio(cause his passive)
Top : always off tank, However if your enemy is an ad carry, take one AP carry like Kennen.
Bot : ad range with healer suport.
Jungler : good cc's champs.