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Pre-order for any non-US & non-UK players

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Well I am from Czech republic and I had a really big trouble with preordering LoL. Play.com just doesn't ship in CZ at all and at Amazon they want, and now hold on, a $35 just for a shipping! Thats more than the whole game costs! (they count a similar amount at UK Amazon too)
But after an hour of searching I found out, that at GamesBasement, they want only 2,5 pounds for the sipping, so the whole price was about 22 pounds (thats about 620 CZK).
You can find it here: http://www.gamesbasement.co.uk/games-action/pc-mac/league-of-legends-pc-PD-1834.html
Just posting it here, if anyone from those unlucky countries wanted to pre-order and was scared off by this shipping problem

btw a single letter in platic package (I know it is much lighter, but a package weighing the same as the game is not much more expensive) cost 24 CZK ($1.4) to ship from Czech republic to USA. So dont tell me it is about 2000% more expensive to send it backwards!